UPDATE: He’s now deleted the tweet.

With multiple Britons thought to be among 35 dead at an Algerian oil refinery attacked by al-Qaeda, the president of one of the main political groupings in the European Parliament, Lib Dem MEP Graham Watson, decides to make light of the matter:

Graham Watson MEP tweet

Watson clearly could not contain his delight at David Cameron being forced to cancel his much-trailed keynote on Europe, which was shaping up to be one of the most important speeches of the prime minister’s career.

This surely has to be a runner for the most inappropriate tweet of all time.

  1. Cut him some slack – he clearly realised it was a mistake and deleted it almost immediately. Jumping on public figures for making slightly racy jokes is the Daily Mail’s job, not yours.

  2. What an insensitive clown this man is! At a time where the families of Brits as well as many other nationalities involved in this atrocity are awaiting the outcome of a truly horrible and terrifying situation, Graham Watson stooped to a new low in trying to score political points at these poor folks and their families expense! Sickening! He should resign or be sacked!

  3. Terry Callaghan says:

    Cut him some slack? This is a ‘professional’ politician we are talking about… and he is making ‘political’ jokes about people being killed. Tell him to step down. We need a few more grown-ups in this particular playground. His party is irrelevant, his judgement isn’t.

  4. Perhaps so pedantic as to be irrelevant, but Mr Watson is leader of the pan-european party (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party), not the parliamentary group of said party.

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