1. …and in fairness Clegg managed to make the ex-Lib Dem member look rather foolish for his actions.

    Not really. Clegg just did his usual spiel to try and bamboozle the caller and the listeners. It didn’t convince the caller who responded to Clegg’s lengthy answer by pointing out how the poorest are being made yet poorer.

    The fact that the caller (John) had been a LibDem councillor since 1973 (when Clegg was only six), and has been so disillusioned with what the LibDems are doing in government that he’s torn up his membership card, is very damning. It’s also very sad that someone like John who’s given so much of his life to public service and the Liberal Party should feel compelled to sever his links with it.

    It won’t have been something he did lightly – and to be fobbed off by Clegg’s complacent answers must have just rubbed salt in the wound.

  2. Nick says he is immensely proud – presumably of the cuts in benefits, the cruelty and sadism being meted out to disabled claimants, the junked public sector jobs, the NHS budget funds being siphoned off (ie wasted) as bonuses and private sector profits, not to mention presiding over a catastrophic fall in Libdem support, the lost of 2/3rds MSPs in Scotland, 100s of councillors across the UK, and the epic failure of AV. Clegg has proven that he is well past the point of rationality, and any attempt to reason with him will meet this wall of self-referential, self-sustaining sunny optimism utterly divorced from reality.

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