Celebrity Big Brother: "We're all in this together"

The producers of Celebrity Big Brother have taken a swipe at Conservative sloganeering that won’t be welcomed in CCHQ. An area of the set created to drive a wedge between contestants is emblazoned with the Tory mantra: “We’re all in this together”.

According to reports:

“Housemates taking part in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother are in for a shock when show bosses divide them up and make half of them live in a grotty basement while their housemates live in luxury upstairs.”

It seems only the most foolhardy of Tories will still attempt to invoke the catchphrase. Indeed, George Osborne was jeered when he tried it on during the autumn statement on 5 December:

“I know that these tax measures will not be welcomed by all—ways to reduce the deficit never are—but we must demonstrate that we are all in this together.”

When your slogan — and the hollow notion it supports — is the subject of ridicule in popular culture, perhaps time to drop it.

  1. Or they could be taking the p*ss out of Ed Miliband or Barack Obama, both of whom have tweeted this phrase.

  2. No, it’s obviously a dig at Gideon, because although other politicians have used the expression, in this context the joke is that it’s being used cynically and with a complete lack of sincerity.

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