With Tory chairman Grant Shapps doing media rounds in support of Cameron’s new Europe policy, standards seemed to have slipped back in CCHQ.

The party’s page on a proposed in/out referendum boasts a decidedly Europhile quote from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), which the Tories have taken the liberty of re-christening the, erm, “Corporate Business Institute”.

Tories invent 'Corporate Business Institute'

Knowing the name of the UK’s most influential business lobby would be a start.

  1. Sheeesh. Even a pleb like me knows that CBI stands for Confederation of British Industry. It’s not as if they’re an obscure and little known organisation – they’re probably the most important employers’ organisation in the UK.

    And as for quoting a TWEET from CLAIRE PERRY – they are SCRAPING THE BARREL!

    Perry’s the woman who told Victoria Derbyshire on R5 that ‘debt’ and ‘deficit’ were the same thing. Derbyshire had to point out that they were not.

    In short, Claire Perry is an idiot.

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