Tories in Davos

With the Tory team chillaxing after their respective speeches to the World Economic Forum, Greenpeace’s head of media tweets the above picture from Switzerland with the caption:

“Davos pizza joint where Osborne and Cameron are loudly taking the piss out of Boris. Osborne on the left (for once)”

This has still gone better than some other Tory excursions to Alpine ski resorts.

  1. alexander nicol says:

    just who do they think they are taking the piss out of, it is the British public , “We are all in this together ” NO WE ARE NOT , while others run to food banks this FAT cats are getting FATTER

  2. As someone has commented, either they thought the GDP figures from the ONS were going to be great… or they DON’T GIVE A SHIT!!

  3. Charlie Beckett says:

    It’s a sad day when the Left takes the piss out of politicians for being human. This is a silly, personal, puritan, chippy, little attack. The fact they were having a pizza not caviar and the fact that they actually have a sense of humour is actually all in their favour. It’s the kind of petty dig that we deride when it’s done by the Mail. Shame. Just shows that you can’t take Greenpeace seriously anymore as well.

  4. I wonder if this was the first time that the chaps had ever tried a common person’s food?

    Maybe it will disagree with their upper class stomachs, and they will be up all night.

    Or maybe they have servants to do that sort of thing for them.

  5. @Charlie Beckett: I don’t think the criticisms are because Dave, George, Boris and co are having a good time – it’s more shocked surprise that they’re so thick-skinned they don’t seem bothered about the dreadful GDP figures.

    There had been an assumption – before the GDP figures were released – that because they’d seemed so cock-a-hoop they must have been better than expected.

    I read that when the figures were announced at the ONS press conference, the journalists looked visibly shocked. The room went so quiet the ONS people had to prompt the journos to ask them questions. And when the press people did ask questions they were very quiet and still looking shocked and confused.

    It does raise the question – does George really care if he tanks the economy?

  6. To be clear, George would have had the GDP figures yesterday evening, before they were released into the public domain.

  7. Polly The Wasp says:

    Charlie: well done for crowbarring a dig at “the left”, and also at the excellent organisation Greenpeace. Even though no-one mentioned their politics. So I’ll assume you’re a right-wing bigot, and that you can’t acknowledge any failure in the Tories. Have another look at the GDP figures, and then tell us that you think public displays of opulence are OK.

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