UKIP's Geoffrey Clark

A UKIP candidate, who was suspended from the party for his 4,500 word ‘personal manifesto’ suggesting that all abortions should be compulsory for foetus’ with Down’s syndrome, will still be running in Kent’s by-election tomorrow.

Clarke’s foam-at-the-mouth rant called disabled babies a “burden on the state”:

“Consider compulsory abortion when the foetus is detected as having Downs, spina bifida or similar syndrome which, if it is born, will render the child a burden on the state as well as on the family.”

Although forced to run as an independent, the ballot papers will still mark disgraced Geoffrey Clark as UKIP as the sheets have already been printed. The manifesto, which was published on his website, has since been removed.

UKIP almost fell over themselves in a rush to distance the party from what they described as “abhorrent views”.

Suspensions of off-message candidates are a rare thing in libertarian UKIP — showing the extent to which Clark had crossed the line of decency.

  1. Raven Rose Lyness says:

    It’s a difficult subject… cause you should love your child no matter what. However, if it were my pregnancy and I found out my child suffered with a life changing condition, then I would have a termination. I know that I might seem like some horrible bitch for saying something like that and a lot will disagree, but I have my reasons. If I knew my child had this horrible condition then I would see it as cruel to give birth to it, when I know in the world we live in it will not be able to live a full and prosperous life like it deserves. I couldn’t bare it on my conscience knowing I brought someone into the world, being fully aware that they were going to suffer in their life. I would do what is best for the child and not what’s best for myself.

    So in conclusion I half agree with what this politician has said, he just could have worded the way he said better than what he did. Hope that makes sense.

  2. Hi Raven,

    There is an enormous difference between personal choice and a compulsory procedure.
    You have merely stated your personal choice, legislation of this sort would remove personal choice for everyone.

    Be very aware, this sort of political idea was very popular in Germany in the Nineteen Thirties and expanded to such a degree that the killing didn’t stop at the disabled.

  3. I wsa born spinl bifter I have 3 children 3 g/sons 6 g/daughter and been single mum worked all my life Ilove my life and live it to the full. Im an outreach worker with people with disabltys and do s/worker out of hours I still go partying have a great group of friend and famliy and yes I have no disable children or g/children or g/g/children
    your Sandra Cunliffe

  4. As the father of a Down’s son who brings far more to life than UKIP or Geoffrey Clark could ever dream about, I should like to ask the question whether Mr Clark’s parents would have preferred to terminate him during early pregnancy instead of affording him life so that he could spout such a vile and offensive manifesto.

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  6. It is not an unusual event for UKIP to distance themselves from their own party members views. When a party is set up on anti immigration and anti Europe, it attracts the far sided views of many. They may dismiss the comments, but its many with similar views who vote for UKIP.

  7. My wife was born with Spina Bifida, at birth her parents were told she had died, a still birth, but a nurse told her dad that the baby was ill and was alive but being allowed to die.

    He was an ex soldier and miner he went into the room and found the baby he wrapped her up took her home this was just before the NHS.

    My wife walks, although she has serious problems, she worked her whole life, and she has brought up two children, and of course now looks after two grand kids.

    The thing is you cannot tell what your child will grow into to or what they may become. the person who finds the cure for cancer, or the great poet or the people who saves the life of somebody, a disability is only a disability for god sake what next wrong coloured eyes. and from getting rid of unborn children how easy is to get rid of born babies or even the disabled soldier.

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