Desperate to fend off the local threat from UKIP, a Tory council has done what David Cameron dare not — call for a referendum on EU membership. The Conservative leadership in the District of Tendring tabled and passed a motion demanding a yes/no vote during the next parliament.

Cabinet member Cllr Nick Turner said:

“I have yet to see of know of one single rule, request, demand, law or dictate that has enhanced my life since joining the common market that has now become the EU.”

With some Tendring councillors holding dual mandates as members of Essex County Council, however, the consternation from the Tory side of the town hall has rather more to do with the UKIP threat at next May’s county elections than the finer points of EU directives.

It was left to the independent “Tendring First” party to point out that, errr, the council has no say over Europe.

  1. A good enough move, but better clarity would be for that referendum before the General Election. You see, deeds count more than words, especially if the word is caste in iron and that of David Cameron.

  2. Calling for a referendum in the NEXT parliament is useless – the Tory will be booted out at the next election, – Cameron has lied and u turned so much that the public no longer trust his word. The ONLY way that the Tory party can look to being in office for another term is if they give the public an IN / OUT referendum BEFORE the election say 2013 and ACT on the result in 2014 so they can regain some trust. If not, Cameron & co will be down the Job center in 2015 !

  3. Promises Promises, Labour Promised us a Vote on this begore! They Lied, didn’t get back in after 14yrs of hell! Now Conmooron is supposidley going to give us an IN/OUT Vote! No dowt + strings attached, or even camoflaged in Polilitics, hence it won’t be a pure & simple IN v OUT Vote! 🙁

  4. Margaret Leonard says:

    Cant see the point in leaving now. Think of how much we have conributed over the years since we were conned. What we need is a strong leader to re-negotiate and put his foot down over the human rights. Hate to have to say it as I couldn’t stand the woman, but a Thatcher type may help.
    I dont however think this lot will be voted in again anyway. Please God?

  5. think boris has it right ,,, have trade but drop the union ,,,, the law makers in Brussels are morons ,,, I would only support the EU if we ran the show and we made the laws ,,,as a small business I’m sick of employment laws that favour employees and constant bad behaviour ,,, stupid maternity regs for the endless baby making machines that my industry hairdressing has to put up with and the health and safety laws ,,, I’m sick of risk acessments on pregnant morons who are looking to sue over anything to get free money ,,, once a woman is pregnant in my opinion they should take maternity leave at 6 months ,,,, and tell the boss ASAP if there returning to work. and hairdressing shouldn’t be in VAT ,,, it’s service industry ,,,,

  6. regarding the autumn statement ,,, rubbish ,,, the banks caused this crisis so why army they paying for there own mess ,,,, nothing for small business ,,,, not even a freeze on business rates ,,,,, the torys Havant a hope in he’ll if winning the next election and I have voted Tory all my life ,,,,but I will defo vote ukip as the main party’s are out of touch ,,,,, The EU is corrupt and will only get worse as it’s driven by a watered down version of communism ,,, the word democracy has a different meaning these days bit like free speech ,,,,, as long as it fits!!!!

  7. ”Be careful what you wish for” with regards UKIP.
    Farage is yet another Bilderberger, putting money into the euro pot for his own ends and that of the NWO.
    Thats all i’m sayin!

  8. Terrance Watson. says:

    Whilst I agree with C Smith about let us vote BEFORE the next election. Mr Cameron is using the carrot on the donkey, he thinks, but the next election will prove things.
    However, is there someone out there that could tell me if the George Lawson at the head of this page is the same George that served in Malaya with 1st Batt East Yorkshire Regiment (1953-55)

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