Conservative HQ are stonewalling enquiries about their report into a Nazi-themed stag do attended by Aidan Burley. The Cannock chase MP flew to France with pals for a party which saw chants of “Hitler! Hitler! Hitler!” — where the groom-to-be wore an SS uniform reportedly hired by Burley.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, CCHQ have received several communications from Labour MP Ian Austin on the issue but haven’t bothered to reply. As Scrapbook previously disclosed, the report was due to be completed way back in February.

Poignantly, Burley is facing a challenge from a Labour candidate whose Polish mother fled the Nazis in World War II — seeing her two baby brothers die along the way.

  1. therealguyfaux says:

    And after we hear from the Tories re: Aidan Burley, perhaps Ed Balls would like to give us Labour’s take on it? And all this piling-on of Burley is nothing to do with his anti-skiving-by-public-employees efforts, right?

  2. @therealguyfaux

    Sorry, you’re saying that he didn’t attend the stag do, that Labour have, what, *framed* him, because of his stance on the civil service?! Seriously? If that’s what you think you’re nuts.

    In my circles, attending a Nazi themed stag do would be considered beyond the pale, and I suspect it would be for every reasonable person. What sort of circles do you move in?

  3. Edward Mccrilby says:

    C.J Bill are you suggesting Ed Balls is not a reasonable person because he dressed as an SS officer too?

  4. therealguyfaux – answer me one question: what political society or societies was Ed Balls a member of at the time of the notorious photo you refer to?

  5. Geraint,

    Let’s forget about Ed Balls (please) and talk about the Nazi Jew-hating convict that Labour selected as a councillor in Milton Keynes and the national party had no objection to whatsoever.

    You might not have hear about that one, because no Labour site wanted to know anything about it, including this union-funded one. You sanctimonious lefties went ape-shit when Burley stood next to a man dressed as a Nazi (this site has decided he is a Nazi because of it), yet your own party recruits an actual bona fide Jew-baiting Nazi and none of you want to know.

  6. @James

    “You sanctimonious lefties went ape-shit when Burley stood next to a man dressed as a Nazi, because he hired the uniform and took it to France…”

    Fixed for you.

  7. Ed Balls, like many young Labour supporters, joined the Tory club at Oxford for the speakers. I agree he should have drawn the line at wearing the uniform, but he was young.

  8. Oh noes, a silly uniform rather than the million dead Iraqis that Labour killed – but I guess you’ve got your priorities.

  9. X,

    Oh that changes everything. MUCH worse than running a Nazi candidate.

    What a twat.


    Are you serious? Have you read the site you write? You trade in political footballs and smears. What idiots like you don’t get is that by branding people like Burley as a Nazi (whether you’re being serious or just trying to destroy him) you do two things: you trivialise Nazism and you show utter disrespect to the millions of Jews and others who died under the menace.

    You are a joke as well as an utter hypocrite.

  10. Damn right it does James. For some reason the French don’t take too kindly to Nazi uniforms and people toasting the Third Reich.

    Amazing what years of occupation and murder can do to a country isn’t it? The pansies.

  11. “you trivialise Nazism and you show utter disrespect to the millions of Jews and others who died under the menace.”

    Where as hiring a Nazi uniform and going a country occupied by them for several years, while toasting the Reich and chanting about Hitler in the process does what?

  12. Hee hee – lefties happily go round committing genocide and beating off over Mao, Stalin & Lenin and couldn’t give a monkeys that they killed significantly more than Hitler. Couple in the fact that most lefties support the Palestinians and have their party to thank for the mass execution of Iraquis and then they get all haughty about what a Tory does on his stag do. The banality of socialists makes them virtually pointless. Anyway, shouldn’t you be tossing it off in some non job at the taxpayers expense?

  13. James – you appear to be under the illusion that I am a Labour supporter. I can assure that I am not. I understand it must be a real challenge to your world view that not everyone who dislikes the blue team therefore MUST be part of the red team, but it’s true.

    DtP is beyond contempt. This view – alarmingly common among Conservative activists – that anyone to the left of, say, James Purnell *must* love Stalin and dream of gulags is fucking pathetic. Imagine if it wasn’t just the Tories with actual links to Nazi imagery and ideology that we called Nazis: if we implied every moderate centre-rightist ‘beat off’ over Hitler and Mussolini. You lot would flip your shit: fact. fucking hypocrites

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