A group of Conservative societies plan to celebrate Osborne’s economic measures at a black tie snouts-in-troughs dinner “on the eve of the Chancellor’s Autumn statement”.

Student Tory boys from universities across London are due to host the dinner at the members-only East India Club, which describes itself as “a gentlemen’s home from home”.

Guests certainly won’t be concerned with the Pasty Tax with the menu as follows:

Celeriac Velouté with Smoked Goose & Croûtons
Roast Norfolk Turkey with Chestnut & Orange Stuffing & Traditional Trimmings of Château Potatoes, Glazed Carrots & Brussels Sprouts
Steamed Plum Pudding with Vanilla Brandy Sauce
Filter Coffee & Festive Sweetmeats

After quaffing their 2005 Claret and Bordeaux, the celebrations will continue at the £500-per-year members club AURA Mayfair:

“An environment of comfort and lavish extravagance in equal measure … The ideal refuge for the discerning jet-set elite.”

The Tories: just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does.

  1. erm, they’re spending their own money right? what’s the problem? Ah, they shouldn’t have any of their own money should they comrade.

  2. My experience of the Tories, and of the UK government in general is, “just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, you woke up and remembered you were in britian. It can. It has always seemed to be getting worse, all my life.

  3. Azrael, boy do you miss the point.

    It’s not a question so much of it being “their” money. It’s the fact that they’re making it a cause for celebration and that it’s quite offensive that it’s other people’s austerity they’re celebrating with typically extravagant ways.

    No wonder these people keep getting in power with idiots like you around.

  4. Margaret Leonard says:

    Absolutely obscene whilst many cannot afford the price of food today. Watching on the news tonight the increase in the amount of homeless makes it even more disgusting. Still “we are all in it together” makes me so angry.

  5. Solid post Daniel. Some people just do not get it. Or would rather not.
    @Tris: One can only hope!
    @Margarete: There’s food banks in many towns and cities in the UK now, yet i bet a good half of the food the creatures eat at that dinner will be thrown in the bin. Disgusting state of affairs.
    @Jimmy: Please, please PRETTY PLEASE do not be a tory.
    @Michael: To true, to true indeed!
    @Citisix: Daves ‘big society’…..NOT!

  6. Don’t you just love the understated sensitivity of the boss class celebrating a smug cynic who is presiding over the proiliferation of food banks. I had thought of another word which perhaps might better describe the lovely Gideon but it is perhaps best left to anyone reading this to substitute.

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