Luke Bozier

Nearly a year after Scrapbook challenged Luke Bozier’s somewhat dubious CV claimsyesterday’s Sunday Times showed the penny may finally be dropping when it comes to the “senior Blairite adviser”. In a break with the media’s previous lack of curiosity regarding the claimed Blair links of Bozier, who was recently arrested over child porn allegations, the paper reported:

“The Sunday Times has established that far from being a senior aide to Blair, Bozier … held a junior position at Labour’s headquarters at Millbank for just eight months.”

It wasn’t long before the Mail jumped on the bandwagon of enlightenment with a similar piece crediting the Sunday Times for the discovery of Bozier’s bogus claims. Newspapers and onine outlets have spent months describing variously as a “Blairite former Labour official”“former aide to Blair” and “e-campaigns manager for Tony Blair” with no qualification whatsoever.

Yesterday’s Sunday Times piece did bring fresh amusement, however, forcing the sometimes business partner of Louise Mensch to concede in public that his “Silicon Valley-backed start-up company Municipo” had, errr, received no investment from Silicon Valley. He told the paper:

“Silicon Valley backing comes in various forms, one of which is mentorship and support”

It seems Bozier’s determination to become famous has finally paid off, though perhaps not in the way he had hoped.

  1. “Ms Mensch said she didn’t check Bozier’s CV and ‘took him on trust’.”

    Interesting that the first mainstream press article to attack Bozier and allow Mensch to spin that she has been merely too naive and trusting is a News International publication. Who does Louise write for these days? The Sun!

  2. The thing is, the mainstream media seemed to desperately want to believe that Bozier was a senior Labour figure, with absolutely no evidence, because that would have made his defection to the Tories so much more impressive. Even Cameron, at PMQs, quoted Bozier’s self-important letter explaining his defection to the Tories and appeared to see it as a major endorsement. (That was reported at the time as beyond satire.)

    And of course Louise Mensch was very keen to clutch him to her Tory bosom (figuratively speaking). They were both so sure Menshn was going to be a huge success.

    And now it turns out that he was just a seedy fantasist all along.

  3. Rob the cripple says:

    Of course telling tall tales has been around for a while within labour, Blair I’m a socialist, Brown I will be a leader, Purnell well better leave him out of it

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