Boris Johnson with Stephen Greenhalgh

The senior Boris Johnson aide who Scrapbook revealed had been accused of harassment has been named as his deputy mayor, Stephen Greenhalgh. The Tory, who is paid a whopping £127,784 per year, has apologised after allegedly fondling the bottom of a female member of staff in a lift.

Despite claiming that he could not remember the incident, Greenhalgh gave the following statement to Snipe late last night:

“I would like to apologise unreservedly for anything that could be or may have been construed as inappropriate behaviour on my part.”

Greenhalgh was appointed as Boris’ deputy mayor for policing in June after Scrapbook broke the news that he was quitting as leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Council.

His tenure got off to one of the worst starts in City Hall history after he attempted to answer policing questions on his own — spurning the assistance of the Met boss Bernard Hogan Howe, who would usually accompanies the deputy mayor.

The incident is already the territory of a City Hall turf war … but more on that later.

  1. After his first two appearances to answer policing questions he should have resigned or been sacked. there is no way he is worth his over-inflated salary. I thought Pickles was going to prevent that.


    Your article is very misleading, and unfair to Mr. Greenhalgh, but I do understand that it is difficult for you to keep up with the minutiae of what goes on at City Hall.
    Your description of what happened is wildly overstating. it was a pat, he didn’t “fondle”. It could have been inadvertant. Very unfair article, but as I said, hard for you to know the facts unless you attend Mayor’s Qt every month like I do.

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