Stephen Greenhalgh and Kit Malthouse

A deputy mayor of London, Kit Malthouse, is behind leaks which led to his colleague and fellow deputy Stephen Greenhalgh being exposed for ‘molesting a female member of staff in a lift’Scrapbook can confirm.

As we indicated yesterday, the incident, for which Greenhalgh has apologised, is now the territory of a Tory turf war within City Hall. With Greenhalgh finally being hauled before Boris yesterday after Scrapbook broke the news that one of his team were the subject of allegations, the blame game has begun in respect of who knew what and when.

As the director responsible for the department in which the incident occurred, ex-BBC man and City Hall spin doctor Will Walden is likely to come under pressure to explain when he was informed of the incident and whether he followed appropriate procedures.

Why did it take factional external briefings for action to be taken?

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