Ed Balls back sledging Cameron again

Unsurprisingly, Cameron’s script for today’s PMQs contained lines on Ed Ball’s anaemic performance in response to the autumn statement:

“I’m surprised the shadow chancellor is shouting again. We learnt last week, like bullies all over the world, he can dish it out but he can’t take it”

The session seemed to show Balls back to his usual robust form, however, leaning towards the dispatch box to wave IFS analysis — showing that working families would be worse off thanks to Osborne — in the prime ministers face. Hi namesake was at it too, with Cameron clearly distracted by interruptions from Ed Miliband:

“I think the leader of the opposition is catching the disease from the shadow chancellor of not being able to keep his mouth shut for five seconds”

Hon members: “Oooooooooh!”

  1. Cameron frequently accuses others of what is true of himself. He is a bully and a loudmouth. It is as if he is looking in a mirror.

    He accused Ed Milliband of “putting politics before economics” a remark originally made by Mervyn King about himself and Osborne to the US ambassador and leaked in a Wikileaks cable. “Opportunism” is another one. Perhaps he is looking in the mirror when he prepares his speeches.

  2. PMQs of course is where politicians show us they care and will fight for us, then as they walk off they laugh at each other for doing a great show. Whether you think it’s worth it is of course another thing.

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  4. balls was part of the problem in this country. Cameron has to try to fix it. We have run out of money, between 2002 and 2007 the govt spent more money than they took in. In other words, they bankcrupted the country. Balls needs to apologise about his behaviour, then and now.

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