Having appeared to deny ever taken an all-expenses-paid foreign trip, it has emerged that Nadine Dorries has taken two. Attempting to justify her lax approach to, y’know, doing her job and stuff, the I’m A Celebrity contestant wrote:

“In my seven and a half years as an MP I think it is important to state that I have never taken a single day away from parliament on one of the many jollies most MPs enjoy to various parts of the world”

Having already been rumbled by Liberal Conspiracy for jetting off on a jaunt to Israel in 2006, Scrapbook have unearthed yet another set of plane tickets. During August of last year, Nadine embarked on a dangerous mission to oppressed Equatorial Guinea. But as official visitors of the president, the delegation found themselves whisked from their VIP lounge by limousine to stay in a luxury resort by the sea.

An undercover journalist travelling with the delegation described the worldly troop of travelling parliamentarians:

“There were just three backbench Tory MPs – none of whom appeared to have done too much research on Equatorial Guinea before sinking into their business-class seats on the flight out”

Although supposedly gathering evidence for a report into the country’s society and governance, the journalist recollected a rather different kind of fact-finding:

“We were cocooned from reality, taken around in motorcades led by police cars with blaring horns. It was great fun”

“Next, you pass an artificial beach and an ultramodern hospital before turning into an impressive Sofitel hotel with 200 rooms, the country’s first spa and a bespoke island nature walk.”

Doubtless Nadine will attempt to justify her misleading statement on foreign trips with the weasel words that neither was conducted while parliament was sitting.

The expedition sounded rather more like a free luxury holiday than the James Bond mission Nadine recalled.

  1. Ahh, what joy to be a tory in these halycon days they have made for themselves.
    Shame its all coming to an end and they’ll have to find REAL work.
    But hey, there’s always the cast iron, gold-plated pension to look forwards to.
    And the speaking circuits.
    And the after-dinner speeches.
    And the autobiography deals.
    And the jobs in the eurozone.

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