Just when you thought the Lib Dem’s priorities couldn’t get any more skewed, Danny Alexander has told his constituents he backs naming and shaming of supermarkets who give dairy farmers a bad deal — whilst telling the country he won’t do the same for companies who avoid millions in tax.

In a local press release, Beaker backed the introduction of a watchdog with the power to name and shame supermarkets who pass on unexpected risk and costs to dairy farmers. Unveiling the plans, Alexander boasted:

“Farmers, in the Highlands and across the country, will now be able to enter into contracts with confidence, knowing they will get a fair deal from retailers. I am extremely proud that we are delivering on this in Government.”

But faced with seething public outrage that companies such as Starbucks and Google have paid less than 3.2% tax, he told this morning’s Today programme there would be no naming and shaming of the corporate giants:

Ironically evading the question, Danny told Radio 4:

“I’m not sure that naming and shaming is a good idea by the tax authorities. I think taxpayer confidentiality is a very important part of our tax system”

It looks like large corporations are exempt from more than just tax.

  1. “I think taxpayer confidentiality is a very important part of our tax system.”
    Starbucks don’t pay tax so what is he on about?

  2. If confidentiality is an important part of the tax system, why did Cameron talk about certain people’s tax affairs?

    Oh yeah, because all the Tories, including the yellow ones are a sack of lying shits.

  3. Simple fact is: these companies need to start paying tax. There is no reason why certain payers of tax should have confidentiality.

    Of course, this would be a great ideal. But the fact of the matter is naming and shaming is a very useful tool for the HMRC to recover what should be paid.

    It’s pathetic little squirts like Alexander which excuse these big multi-national corps.

  4. MP’s expenses used to be confidential and that worked well!!!!!! Only people who have got something to hide would be worried about openness. Which reminds me, David Cameron promised to publish his Cabinet’s Tax Details at the time of the Mayoral Elections. What is he scared about?

  5. Name and shame the vile parasites that run the Work Programme, and any other Pastel Fascists you encounter. Behind every corporate facade, their is a person inflicting the pain. The Politicians will never stop until either they have taken you for everything you have, or you find some backbone and give them a taste of their own medicine.

    They really don’t like it when it is they who are exposed for their vicious ways, and not whatever poor sod they decide to vilify, or terrorize with their petty, small minds.

    I will have no money for six months thanks to the scum at Working Links. It is not like I can make a clean break from the state is it? I am very much up for that!

    I tried to resolve this amicably, but they just ignored me. I beg to no Man.

    For every ego-stuffed Politician, there is an army of fat-arsed Desk Monkeys’ ruthlessly enforcing whatever evil plans that come down from the top.

    If you ever want these drones off your back, find the person doing wrong by you, and state your case in public. Let us see how comfortable they are out of the shadows.

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