Tory motorist

Another stock photo blunder has emerged after the Tories used a picture of a foreign familyunderstood either to be Danish or Australian — to convey their notion of a “hardworking family”. A website headline promoting a freeze in UK fuel duty is illustrated with a picture of an American young man in a left-hand drive car.

Tory motorist stock photo

It seems this young fellow is as industrious as his hardworking Tory family counterparts, being seen here doing a spot of Cypress tree planting:

Stock photo man Cyprus tree planting

Perhaps he is worrying about fuel tax, he can also be seen here striking a brooding pose.

Tory photo stock man pulling intense stare pose

In future, perhaps CCHQ will stick to using stock photography which isn’t already ubiquitous and/or clearly foreign.

British jobs for British photographers!

  1. It seems that the donors are deserting them and they’ve also got to pay for Lynton Crosby so they are cutting corners, good!!

  2. Interesting that the omnishambles extends to their website.

    The model bloke looks similar to that well-known convert to Toryism, Luke Bozier. Perhaps that’s what attracted them …

  3. I dont understand what the issue is, thanks to gordon bennett we have many eu people in this country. just open your eyes and look around. soon we will be driving on the other side as well.

  4. ManwithaView1 says:

    We have loads of EU people here because the Tories took us into it – The EU – with NO referendum, no word about future timeline, expansion etc. They just started the snowball down the hill in 1992 then blame Labour for not stopping it in 1997 when it couldn’t possibly be stopped. Idiots….

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