Nadine Dorries’ parliamentary assistant has been left sweaty and speechless after BBC Three Counties Radio demands an explanation for Nadine jetting off to the jungle.

The aide, known only as William, wheezed with nervous laughter as the presenter, Jonathan Vernon-Smith, launched into a tirade:

“[Dorries] is in the jungle, mucking around and raising her profile and getting paid £40,000. So who is doing her job?”

Update: Scrapbook understands the aide to be William Jocecontributor to the Commentator blog. Joce describes his specialism as travel and foreign affairs. He should be an expert on Nadine then.

Oh, dear.

  1. When you can’t even be bothered to regurgitate the shitty spin and bullshit answers, its time to just admit that your boss has fucked up.

    I watched the TV programme for the first time ever this week, I don’t really see when she expects to be able to publicly discuss these issues she says she went to raise the profile of. They pretty much only show footage of them arguing with each other, or being bitchy behind the backs of the other “celebrities”. Oh and the testicle eating. When exactly are ITV going to air the camp fire abortion discussion? Probably never? Because people don’t want to see that, they only want to see the pseudo drama?

    I could have told you that having never watched a minute of it. If they do air anything like that, it’ll be because its caused an argument.

  2. How does one pronounce ‘Joce’? It would be delightful if it rhymed with ‘choke’.

    In other news, someone close to Nadine Dorries who claimed to be a journalist once called a BBC production company to accuse me of computer hacking. When I asked for a copy of the relevant messages, that production company claimed they had ‘expired’ (in the 3 days between my asking for them and their reply). Now I know Mr Joce considers himself to be a journalist, I will ask him quite publicly in front of all these nice people (hello, everyone) if he has ever accused me of computer hacking.

    Very simple question, and easy to deny if Mr Joce has never accused me of computer hacking.

  3. The other guest – Dorries’ constituent – seems to have extremely pressing problems, and as the presenter points out, neither Dorries nor the hapless William seem to have done anything to try and help her.

    It’s quite damning that William seemed so confident that Dorries would be re-elected.

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