A senior Sun editorial source has feigned that the paper’s staff were not aware that former editor Rebekah Brooks was given a whopping £7 million following her resignation from News International — while simultaneously pouring scorn on the BBC for George Entwistle’s payoff.

Brooks’ £7m golden goodbye towers over Entwistle’s £450k. But despite this, The Sun have published no less than 19 scathing articles attacking the BBC, claiming it to be a waste of money. News of Brooks’ payoff merited zero Sun column inches when it broke last month.

Entwistle was entitled to 6 months pay, but he received 12 months, the sum for being fired. The chairman of the BBC Trust, Lord Patten, described Entwistle’s payoff as “justifiable” on the grounds that had he not jumped, he may have been pushed.

As far as Scrapbook is aware, Entwistle hasn’t been arrested or charged either — unlike Brooks.

  1. Are we really surprised? The BBC is the only place to go for media without agenda. Hypocrisy, vested interest and furthering your own agenda is the reason behind pretty much everything NI/The Mail etc write.

    Rupert Murdoch also tweeted that this scandal was a good opportunity to sort out the BBC! I mean, is the chap serious?

  2. This would be the Sun which (amongst others) defamed Christopher Jefferies over the murder of Jo Yeates… yet somehow nobody resigned over that piece of misreporting… odd, isn’t it?

  3. I’m amazed the scribblers who write at the Sun can fool themselves that they’re journalists rather than copywriters for Murdoch & his money.

    The Sun also published a graph showing decling trust in the BBC, while ignoring figures from the same survey that showed only 10% of people trusted tabloid journalists (how did they find 10%?).

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