The Electoral Reform Society’s estimation of an 18.5% turnout at today’s Police Commissioner elections is starting to seem rather optimistic, as one polling station has a current turnout of only 1.08%.

The Oasis Academy Mayfair polling station, in the Sholing ward of Southampton, was reported as having had only 18 votes cast as of 4:24pm — out of a total 1,674 voters registered to that polling district:

It’s safe to say that these elections are a disaster.

  1. The full disaster will come when we find out that spoiled ballots have given the Tories the seat in certain races.

  2. Will the Tories complain the election is invalid like they do when the turnout for union strike ballots is below 35%? No, of course they won’t. They’re hypocrites. Democracy, my arse.

  3. @AndySmith To be brutally honest with you Andy, I’ve grown damned tired of voting for Labour’s tweedledum simply to keep the Tories’ tweedledee out of office. If Labour wants my vote, they’ll have to campaign for it (selecting a half-way decent, and principled, left candidate would be a good start), because I’m damned if I’m going to take this kind of electoral blackmail for much longer!

    Also, spot on @buddyhell. The hypocrisy of the Tory party in this respect is beyond the pale. They’ll of course happily harp on about any PCC ‘victories’ they tot up this eve.

  4. Unnecessary, uninspiring, and expensive.
    Typical tories trying to appear to be doing something.
    I wonder what has to be done before they get the message

  5. @ Anubeon, For me the difference between CON and LAB could not be clearer than over the last 2 years. You are waiting for a better left of centre party? Are you trying to build one (inside or outside the Labour Party) ? If not you sound as if you expect democracy to serve you up something which exactly suits your needs before you exert yourself . I don’t mean to sound so personal, but FFS what do the Tories have to do, beyond kicking people out of their wheelchairs to give tax cuts to their mates earning £150k + before you are motivated to get rid of them? Labour are routinely underwhelming but the track record of both parties in power is clear. The PCC jobs seem ridiculous to me, but I want to reduce Tory policy influence in our society wherever I find it. Spoiling papers or staying at home does not achieve that.

  6. I did vote, but I think it is all a stupid waste of time and money. Apparently it cost £75 million
    I agree with Andy Smith and Buddyhell. Also it is very sad because I am convinced that my friend and I will be the only 2 people in our village to have voted for the Labour candidate.

  7. Disgusted of South Shields here – have been denied the right to vote as the polling station shut – at least 40 minutes early! This is surely illegal, even if they had only 18 votes or fewer. I will complain in the morning. I opposed the whole concept of PCCs but was going to vote for the least worst candidate, having read the candidates answers to the 38 degrees questions about privatisation, ie the Labour one (only other candidates were Lib Dem, Tory and UKIP).

  8. It is beginning to appear that the turnout of people actually at the polling stations is minimal and postal votes will be critical to the outcomes.

    I’ve always been a bit suspicious of the current rules surrounding postal/proxy voting. They are very lax and offer opportunities for political parties to organise a “portfolio” of postal votes that they can lump into their preferred candidates when required.

    Postal votes in a general election are in the region of 2 to 2.5 per cent of the total votes cast. In bye-elections, mysteriously, this increases wildly. If these elections are decided by a majority of postal votes, as seems possible, they’ve been fixed and are not democratic.

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