Controversial MEP Godfrey Bloom has altered his declaration of financial interests after Scrapbook exposed a company he had tried to hide from EU officials. The UKIP representative, who is also standing for police commissioner in Humberside, sat on one of Europe’s top finance committees while failing to reveal his shareholding in a financial advice firm.

After leaving his declaration of interests form completely blank, Bloom told this blog:

“I resigned all directorships on election to the European Parliament in 2004 and unwound all my business interests.”

But the MEP has found himself backtracking after we published documents which proved he owned a majority shareholding in TBO Investments, which was fined £28,000 by regulators for exposing its customers to “unacceptable risk”.

In an attempt to avoid an investigation by EU authorities, Bloom has now scrawled an update at the bottom of his form:

Despite sitting on the influential Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs while owning a financial advice company, Bloom denies any conflict of interest:

“There is no possible conflict of interest and nor there [sic] is no interest nor has there been since 2009.”

He also claims he “sold any controlling interests in all companies” — at the same time, admits he is a shareholder in the secret firm:

“I am a registered shareholder in TBO Group of Companies which is in the process of being wound up and has been since 2009 under the direction and in compliance with all the appropriate authorities.”

Bloom has attempted to rectify his glaring omission just days before he faces the police ballot in Humberside.

  1. I think this is worse on the ‘trust’ front then a few Labour candidates who had a slight blemish on their police records while a young person 40 odd years ago. He should stand down as PCC candidate

  2. LaDiDa Gunner Graham says:

    At least he had a proper job before politics unlike the buffoon Labour candidate His Lordship Prescott

    God help us if the idiot Prescott is put in charge of the Police

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