Last night gave the Republicans plenty of things to feel glum about. With Obama relected and retaining the senate, it was clearly the Democrats’ night — Mitt Romney (above) wasn’t the only politician left looking a bit sad.

So as we all recover from staying up too late watching electoral college votes roll in, Scrapbook presents a rundown of the best pictures of miserable Republicans:

Controversial Fox News presenter Bill O’Reilly complained that “the white establishment is now the minority.”

Meanwhile, former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin was going for the dead-behind-the-eyes look.

Miserable Republican strategist Karl Rove spent the best part of half an hour protesting to Fox News anchors that the network had called Ohio too early for Obama.

Massachusetts senator Scott Brown lost his seat to Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren (after having taken it from the Democrats after Teddy Kennedy’s death).

Todd “legitimate rape” Akin felt the consequences of his comments on rape and abortion — not to mention a profound misunderstanding of the human body — as he failed to take the Missouri senate seat from Claire McCaskill.

Richard Mourdock, candidate in Indiana, followed in Akin’s footsteps, losing the senate seat after airing his views that rape was “something God intended to happen“. Voters decided that his defeat was in the same vein.

Finally, the Republican presidential pair with their wives, after their largely-inept campaign went, erm, nowhere. Honestly, they didn’t even come close to the White House.

Scrapbook looks forward with interest to the 2016 Akin/Mourdock ticket.

  1. So glad these out of touch evangelical bigots didn’t get their chance to take over the U.S.A and destroy all the progress the country has made since slavery was abolished and women’s rights were introduced! Britain and indeed the rest of the world were waiting with baited breath to see if Americans had lost control of all their senses last night when the votes came in. Were all so thankful that sanity prevailed in the end by re-electing President Obama again! He is the best President the world has ever seen! The citizens of the U.S.A are so lucky to have a President who is so determined not only to do the job he was elected to do, but to do it to the best capability any leader could possibly do it. He is an inspiration man with a heart of gold! This is a very rare quality indeed! Congratulations President Obama from the U.K they really couldn’t have picked a better man to do the job!

  2. Most of Romney’s expression is the same as ever. Only parts of his face seem mobile, the rest has been botoxed into rigidity.

  3. The message seems to be that, the world over, conservatism is not wanted. Good riddance to bad rubbish i say!

  4. David Buckingham says:

    This result wont stop the Republicans doing everything they can to block Obama’s attempts to govern responsibly. They were the reason he was not as effective as we hoped in his first four years,

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