Having apparently quit Britain to appear on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here without notifying the Tory high command, it looks as though Nadine Dorries’ quest for fame may have just backfired:

The move comes after Tory vice chairman Sarah Woolaston told Mail Online that she was “dismayed” with Dorries’ attention seeking:

‘I am just dismayed. We want women to be taken seriously. We need to get more women to put themselves up for election. What message does this send out about the job?

‘If we want women to be taken seriously we need them to take the job seriously. If you appear on a programme like I’m A Celebrity, your whole role in that is to make yourself look ridiculous for public entertainment.

‘Did people vote for Nadine to go to Parliament so she could be a minor celebrity or to do a serious job?

‘What I am saying is she has been elected to represent people in Parliament and think there is a point at which you have to decide what you want to be. Do you want to be a celebrity or be taken seriously as an MP?’

The show hasn’t started and already the entertainment has begun.

  1. I’m sure Cameron would love to have shot of her. It’s not like loafing off to Aus can really be something they want to be associated with. A sitting MP missing votes and sticking her finger up to her constituents? Even the Tories aren’t that stupid. How can she be?

  2. Told police to “Fuck off” – Hold on to job for weeks.
    Fly out somewhere to be on a TV show (for a month) – whip withdrawn before the announcement!

    Not that I disagree with it, but it is rather horrid when you consider those side-by-side no?

    Where was your razor sharp action to cut Andrew Mitchell loose, Mr Cameron?

  3. So she has been kicked out? I expect the money will be too much of a lure to stop her going into the jungle. She will probably join UKIP if she has any credibility left after this.
    Like many others I would like to see her face during the the dreadful bug eating trials but every penny she raises will go towards an anti-abortion charity, a cause I would rather not give to.

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