With Nadine Dorries currently meeting with the chief whip following her unauthorised excursion to Australia, the Mid Bedforshire MP may still be smarting from her encounter with BBC Look East last night, in which she was forced to watch vox pops of constituents claiming that “she is a joke”.

Anchor Stewart White didn’t mince his words either:

“You wanted to talk about euthanasia. You wanted to talk about abortion. They cut all of that out when you talked about it and instead they broadcast you eating the rear end of an ostrich.”

Scrapbook wonders whether the whips office had the opportunity to review the contents of the interview, in which Dorries appears to prejudge the outcome of the meeting:

“The whip has temporarily been suspended which is very different from being withdrawn.

I’ve got a meeting with the chief whip tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock and I fully expect, once that meeting’s taken place, that everything will be fine.

A temporary suspension was put in because I wasn’t here to vote. It’s not like I’ve done anything which is seriously worthy of withdrawing the whip.”

Chief whip Sir George Young may beg to differ, however.

Could she be kept ‘on the bench’ for several months — as some hard-line Cameroons are suggesting?

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