Nadine Dorries has outdone even her consistently high standards of hypocrisy — by criticising another MP for taking time off. But the Mid Bedfordshire absentee came in for criticism for picking on Labour MP Steve McCabe, who was hospitalised for HEART SURGERY.

Dorries ranted:


In an exchange seized upon by McCabe’s local paper, Dorries accused him of taking “holidays” — when he had an operation to correct heart surgery in Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

With the size of hole she is digging for herself, Nadine will be back in Australia before long.

  1. Wow, really? I saw the list of venomous tweets, and ignored them.

    How did getting your message out to all those 16 million viewers go, Nadine? Did they even broadcast a single political discussion? Or was it just you arguing with Hugo, and people taking showers in bikinis?


    At least she stands up to Cameron – If Steve McCabe was unemployed he would be found fit for work by ATOS and the DWP!

  3. Micheal and Jimmy she did know, the second time she says it is a direct reply to being told that the time off was for recovery from open heart surgery.

  4. GribbletheMunchkin says:

    Even if she didn’t know, this still indicates a deficiency in her thinking. She finds a figure and gets worked up about it without the slightest attempt to find out what he was doing with his time off. This is classic Dorris, she simply doesn’t think but goes from the gut. She is an idiot.

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