In an act of vast hypocrisy (and perhaps backwards karma), radio DJ Chris Moyles, who previously spent half an hour ranting live on Radio 1 about not being paid, has now been found at the centre of a tax avoidance dispute with HMRC.

During the 30 minute tirade, broadcast in 2010, Moyles claimed:

“It’s some idiot who didn’t put a bit of paper work through”

Despite the fact that Moyles pocketed an eye-watering £500,000 per year for his time on Radio 1, that clearly wasn’t enough for him, and so he joined a legal avoidance group.

To top off the ever-growing mound of hypocrisy, Moyles’ lawyers have claimed his identity shouldn’t be revealed as doing so would ‘infringe his human rights’.

  1. Correct indeed Jose, talentless indeed.
    £500 thou a year, to sit behind a microphone and announce the next talentless boy/girl band’s new song.
    Easy money if you can get it eh, most people have to WORK moyles!

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