Just when you thought Louise Mensch had expended her not inconsiderable reserves of hypocrisy, it turns out she has more in the tank. Having abandoned her constituents while she emigrates to America, Mensch has attacked Nadine Dorries for doing the same to appear on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Eschewing her own doomed social media site, Mensch took to Twitter last night to vent against Dorries (reverse chronological order):

Lest we forget, Mensch’s rock manager husband recently let the cat out of the bag as to her real reasons for quitting her marginal Corby seat:

“She thought — and I wasn’t going to argue with her — that she’d get killed in the next election”

As for her Twitter tirade, Scrapbook ventures Louise needn’t invoke her sizeable imagination when it comes to “the scene in the whips’ office” after they got word of Nads’ media commitment.

It would be broadly similar to the scene caused by Mensch lumbering the Conservatives with a costly by-election they are destined to lose.

  1. The same Mensch who continued to write books whilst being a sitting MP. She didn’t really serve her constituents properly herself.

  2. Not sure I see the hypocracy – Mensch decided she could not devote enough time to constituency so put them above party and resigned. Nads like Galloway just abandons them to go on pointless reality TV

  3. Oh for the love of… Can we please just ignore this narcissistic hypocritical attention seeking sad excuse for a public figure?

  4. She may never go as now there is a rumour she has been kicked out of the Tory party?
    I really would like to watch her enduring the the dreadful bug eating trials but am concerned that the money she generates through votes will be contributed to an anti-abortion charity, a cause I would rather not support.

  5. Seeing the moron Mensch on Have I Got News For You, trying to sound intelligent and hip, was possibly the most embarrassing and painful piece of television I have ever seen. Publicity-seeking hypocrite. America can have her – any chance of withdrawing her passport so that she can’t come back?

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