A letter sent by 80 MPs and peers to Lord Justice Leveson warning about the dangers of press regulation was originally drafted by an executive at Associated Newspapers, the publishers of the Daily Mail, Scrapbook understands.

The former editor of the Mail on Sunday, Peter Wright is said to have penned the first version of the letter, before approaching Tory backbenchers to front it in the media. Tory MP Conor Burns was brought on board alongside former Labour cabinet minister David Blunkett, whose £49,500 second job as a “corporate social responsibility” adviser to Rupert Murdoch may have influenced his thinking.

The news comes after it was revealed that Wright wrote to Tory MPs asking them to read the Daily Mail’s 12-page smear of Leveson adviser David Bell.

David Cameron got his copy of the report at lunchtime, Ed Miliband gets his tomorrow morning and selected members of the press will read copies in a secure “lock in”.

But it will all kick off in earnest once we can all download it at 1:30pm.

  1. I’ve been rather ambivalent about Leveson but reading this makes me think that these people cannot be trusted to behave in an ethical manner. Nor can the MPs who put their names to the letter.

  2. What does Blunket do for his £49500? Whatever it is I’ve not noticed NI showing more “Corporate Responsibility”!

    Sounds to me like buying off politicians. But surely the press would never do that…..

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