Nadine Dorries, who is currently meeting the chief whip, has yet more questions to answer over whether she will be nabbing the £40,000 I’m A Celebrity fee for herself or donating it to a children’s charity.

Previously, the Mid-Bedfordshire MP had said she would donate her parliamentary salary to local children’s charities, but made no mention of her substantial fee for appearing on the show.

But Dorries’ daughter, Cassie, who used Nadine’s Twitter account while she was away, appeared to confirm to a reporter than the I’m A Celebrity fee would be donated to charity.

Dorries’ daughter then retweeted the reporter’s statement, which read:

And confirmed she agreed with what the reporter had tweeted:

It’ll be mighty embarrassing if Nadine plans on hoarding the cash for herself — we’ve asked her PR company where the cash is going.

  1. Oh Dear, it looks like Cassie will have to make do with a pair if socks off eBay as a Christmas present. Nads herself has only ever offered to donate her MP’s salary. Given that this whole performance was supposedly to air her extreme views on abortion, donating all of her income from the show would be logical but unless the whips office “encourage” her to do so I doubt she will.

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