In a blatant attempt to use Whitehall machinery for gain in a city mayor election, the cabinet decamped for a meeting in a “Bristol” school this morning:

This would be all well and good — if it weren’t for the fact that John Cabot Academy is actually in South Gloucestershire.

Knowing where the City of Bristol is would be a good start.

  1. Piss up and brewery also spring to mind too..Dave gets it wrong again..They should write a series of leaflets about the wrong way to run a government, starring the Bullingdon boys Dave and Gideon..They lurch from one PR disaster to another..It’d be funny if it weren’t so tragic..

  2. Hmm, Kingswood is really not far off Bristol. It’s on the border of the city, is in the ONS’ Bristol Urban Area and has a Bristol postal address.

  3. What is “ONS Bristol”? Surely the Office for National Statistics doesn’t confuse the City and County of Bristol with Kingswood in South Gloucestershire.
    Just what is a “Bristol postcode”? Does Weston-super-Mare have a Bristol postcode? Is W-s-M in Bristol?

  4. This is lazy journalism. I’m by no means a supporter of the Tories, but the school is actually in Bristol. It’s in Kingswood, and although it’s not right in the City centre, locals would say it is in Bristol. Also, the city itself is a little complex in that it is in three counties: Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset.

    It’s more of just a case of getting tied down in the geography rather than misleading the public. Bit of a non-story.

  5. I suppose we taxpayers had to cough up for transporting the whole Cabinet to Bristol for this inept but of campaigning. No doubt the Taxpayers Alliance will be on to it.

  6. Michael Roberts, you’re wrong on several accounts. And I should know because I live round the corner from the school. JCA is not in Bristol as it lies outside the city boundary. Secondly, there is no such thing as the county of Bristol. Thirdly, it lies neither in the counties of Somerset nor Gloucesterhire, as a quick perusal of a map will quickly inform you.

  7. Richard: No, there really is a ceremonial county of Bristol, and there are people from the area who would still refer to it as part of Bristol, even if you aren’t one of them. This is a typical PS non-story.

  8. Paul, the point is that Bristol is ambiguous and doesn’t just have to refer to the City of Bristol.

    The Bristol Urban Area, which includes Kingswood, is a bit like talking of Greater Bristol (but narrower I believe) and it’s not unreasonable to call that Bristol.

    As I said before, the postal address is a Bristol one, so is written as ‘Kingswood, Bristol.’

    While Kingswood might indeed lie just outside the boundary of the City of Bristol, that isn’t the only definition of Bristol and it’s not uncommon to consider the area as part of Bristol.

    He said ‘Bristol’ not ‘City of’, and given the context and common (even if not official or universal) usage, it’s extremely pedantic to insist he can only reasonably use the word in it’s narrowest sense.

  9. As far as I know, the area just over the suspension bridge isn’t in the City of Bristol either.
    Would you moan just as much if he was stupid enough to tweet that,he’d been for a walk in Leigh Woods, Bristol or to the balloon fiesta in Bristol at Ashton Court?

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