Scrapbook is concerned for the wellbeing of recently-suspended London Tory Brian Coleman, after he has made a volte face on a controversial plan to outsource local services in Barnet — a plan which he approved whilst serving on the council executive.

Writing in the Barnet and Whetstone Press, Coleman said that the council needed to dump the “One Barnet” scheme — nicknamed ‘easycouncil’ — to outsource some 70% of services. He blamed council officers for tricking Tory councillors into agreeing to it, trade unions for making them do it by, erm, objecting to it, and most bizarrely the Labour Party:

“…the concept of One Barnet is fundamentally un-Conservative and ignores localism. It is totally New Labour, in fact.”

Someone might want to remind Cllr Coleman that majority control of Barnet for the last decade has belonged to, erm, the Conservatives. It seems like his suspension earlier this week over assault charges might have gone to his head.

The issue promises to come to ahead next week, when the Labour opposition have scheduled a no confidence motion in the cabinet and its leader, Cllr Richard Cornelius, over the scheme.

Cornelius wouldn’t be the first Tory council leader sacked over unpopular privatisation plans.


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