Today, Boris Johnson, leapt to the defense of the bankers at the annual conference of the business lobbying organisation, CBI. Along with the rest of the political elite, Boris cropped up at the conference to do a bit of subtle soft-soaping. But in what can only be described as an obvious attempt to cosy up to his rich City backers, Boris claimed:

“Not only have we got to stop vilifying bankers we need to make the moral case for banking.”

This is not an unusual Borisism: during the libor scandal Boris said he would not “run down Barclays bank” and instead declared “I’m going to stand up for financial services”.

Yet another example of Boris feeding the fat cats.

  1. What is this fake Woosteroid buffoon on about now? – making the moral case for banking? Isn’t that a bit like making the moral case for sharks?

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