A former UKIP staffer and parliamentary candidate at the last general election claims to be writing a book revealing dodgy goings-on at the core of the party having branded her defection from the Conservativesthe biggest mistake of my life“.

Jasna Badzak defected to UKIP in 2008, along with a swathe of Tories from Westminster, and stood in the Westminster North constituency in the 2010 elections. She then worked for six months as a press officer in the London office of MEP Gerard Batten.

In a series of messages on Twitter, Badzak has claimed that she will be making revelations about the alleged racism and corruption of top UKIP figures.

She also alleges misuse of EU parliament expenses by old Scrapbook favourite and UKIP candidate for Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner, Godfrey Bloom:

And her claims don’t stop with Bloom, and threaten to plunge the party back into the same kind of controversy experienced when former MEP Ashley Mote was convicted of benefit fraud:

Speaking to Political Scrapbook this afternoon, Ms Badzak said:

 “UKIP solely exists to put a few people in the position of MEP to steal as much money as possible for themselves.”

Apparently her book will be out before the 2014 EU Parliament elections, in which Nigel Farage’s party hopes to improve on its second place coup in the 2009 poll. When contacted, UKIP refused to comment.

Scrapbook looks forward to reading.

  1. No one is making anything up. I called the UKIP press twice, and both times they said they didn’t want to comment.

    When I called Gerard Batten’s office I didn’t even get an answer.

  2. Hmmm, given that every human being on the planet has racist thoughts, can someone please tell me what is to be gained by policing human nature?

    LEft-wingers……they never learn.

  3. I don’t think Jasna is complaining about “racist thoughts” Lawrence. The accusation seems to be of a racist agenda that would marginalise non-whites and non-British. I hope that’s not something you’re trying to defend!

    While we might all have racist thoughts, just as we all have have horrible thoughts of purge types (e.g. Hate and violence) to allow these horrible thoughts to set an agenda is completely unacceptable. No one’s talking about “policing thoughts”, we’re talking about actions that discriminate and marginalise people simply because of their race or background.

  4. UKIP aren’t racist – they love foreigners! That’s why they want the British people to live on Chinese wage levels when they pull us out of the EU.

  5. The woman is a loony. She’s got it all wrong. UKIP is crawling with lefties and UAF TYPES AND EVEN HAS ITS OWN ORO PALESTINE GROUP. She is just a publicity seeker. Shows how way off the mark she is with research.

  6. … and all the other parties are squeaky clean? The Conservatives and Labour have been involved in spin and corruption for decades.

    This does seem rather like a political stunt pulled by the Conservatives in order to divert interest in UKIP.

    All this really proves is that the Conservatives are deeply worried about the competition.

  7. We don’t all have racists thoughts though if that’s what you tell yourself to justify your own pathetic prejudices then I guess you’ll continue to be willfully ignorant.

    Amusing to see a bunch of UKIP defenders crawling out of the dank to make a comment. Fuck off the lot of ya.

  8. The trouble is you just have to go and talk to UKIPers to see how far from the truth this is. UKIP is about leaving the EU, and has no policies relating to race. The membership tends to be right wing – seems to overlap with believing in the UK, but it’s about civic nationalism:
    non-xenophobic form of nationalism compatible with liberal values of freedom, tolerance, equality, and individual rights. as opposed to BNP style Ethnic Nationalism.

    Jasna may have met a racist, I can’t say, but I’ve met a lot of UKIPers and I have met none.

  9. Having spoken to Jasna it’s clear she is primarily interested in selling as many book copies as possible and getting as much press attention as she can. She has told me some of her concerns with UKIP, which mostly seem to be things members have said which she then claims to be party policy. Some of her claims to me like UKIP will ban all muslims and that UKIP oppose mums are as laughable as they are ridiculous. I am sure she will write a load of nonsense that allows people who want to to bash UKIP before they have to issue smaller later retractions noting that it is either nonsense or made up gobbledy gook

  10. May or may not be UKIP policy, these are the people UKIP enables though. I already think they’re toxic regardless as they’re economically just as vile if not worse than the Tory right. Stuff em.

  11. Following the hashtag #ukip on Twitter over the past few days, I’m inclined to think there’s no smoke without fire. My challenges regards #ukip ‘policies’ on immigration, climate change, equal marriage, reinstating fox-hunting have mostly been met with denial, outrage and often with outright abusive name-calling, blocking and then smearing me as well as plenty of smug, libellous remarks on the state of my mental health. The latter usually only being put forward once my opponents realise I happen to be a woman.

    The most vehement attacks have indeed come from white/supremacists types who accuse me of being racist against them. Just because I happen to disagree… Go figure…

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