After Tom Watson’s bombshell question on a paedophile ring allegedly linked to Number 10 at PMQs today (full text), speculation is rife that the intervention may have been prompted by claims published in a Sunday newspaper regarding Sir Peter Morrison.

Morrison was one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest allies, being one of the first backbench MPs to back her for the leadership in 1975, serving as a minister, deputy party chairman and heading her campaign team in the 1990 Conservative leadership contest.

Morrison, who died aged 51 in 1995, was described in Edwina Currie’s autobiography as:

“‘a noted pederast’, with a liking for young boys”

Apparently Morrison’s “liking for young boys” was common knowledge. Currie expresses her worry saying “all the press know” and when Morrison became deputy chairman of the party he even referenced the fact people knew, joking: “I’m very discreet“.

It is alleged that Morrison had sex with boys aged 16, and although the age of consent has lowered from 21 to 16, Currie reaffirms

“Was he doing anything illegal? Almost certainly.”

According to an article by Guardian investigative hack Nick Davies in 1998, a Sunday Mirror crime reporter received two tip-offs from police officers who said Morrison had been cautioned for cottaging with underaged boys in public toilets. At the time, Morrison blocked publication of the story through libel laws.

In a blog post this afternoon, Tom Watson has confirmed that the person he was referring to in PMQs was not Sir Peter Morrison, but says he is not going to name the person for “obvious reasons“.

Thatcher also chose alleged paeodophile Jimmy Savile to be her personal guest at the Chequers Christmas celebrations for 11 years runnig.

  1. Iain Montgomery says:

    Of course Currie wants this to be the story, to deflect from her appointment of Saville at Broadmoor.

  2. I remember a late night discussion on Channel 4 in which a Parliamentary reporter said that a leading member of Thatcher’s cabinet was a paedophile. Channel 4 later issued a statement that the journalist, whose name I forget, had withdrawn the claim.
    That was before Thatcher changed Channel 4’s financing arrangements and turned it into a heap of shit.
    I wonder if this is the bloke referred to or if there was another. People with such predilections would present no problems for a control freak like Thatcher.

  3. If we are going to start digging up alleged paedophiles from the last century lets start with Baden Powell closely followed by the vatican and the pervert priests who have got away free for years….
    p.s. I would NEVER have left a child of mine alone with Ted Heath..

  4. I recall some years back their being some gossip about, Tory Cabinet member, [EDITED] However there was also a rumour that the security services began this gossip to undermine him!!!

    There is also another rumour about a Thatcher aide. From memory he wasn’t an MP or Lord. But equally he did not have a brother who went onto work for Tony Blair.

  5. Tom Watson was referring to [EDITED], who was not only a Thatcher adviser, but also a Major adviser, and more than that, he is a personal friend of David Cameron and Samantha Cameron.

    When David Cameron said he wasn’t sure which former PM Watson was referring to, he meant a) you expose Heath and we’ll expose Brown, and b) you want to come at me boy, so MAKE MY DAY!

    It is going to very interesting how this develops, because many people in the country know that top politicians or advisers who are or were paedophiles include [EDITED] etc. etc. etc.

  6. Thorough investigation would lead to some breathtaking developments I’m sure.
    There was interesting comment some time ago regarding an above named politician and allegations eventually D-listed.
    There may not enough room & there certainly won’t be the will for this story to develop fully.
    Too many secrets are known by competing protagonist and the risk if MAD is sufficient to keep issues at arms length for many.

  7. You’ve forgotten to mention that most of the leading figures in the Labour party have belonged to or supported groups that campaigned to legalize paedophila. Notably [EDITED], who was the Legal Officer of NCCL in the 1980s. It repeatedly defended, sheltered and exonerated groups such as the Paedophile Information Exchange.
    Then among the Greens you have [EDITED] who is notorious for the same views.

  8. leon not brittan says:

    the nccl never campaigned to legalize paedophilia. but i understand why you’re worried about the reputation of senior tories. theres more to come

  9. [EDITED] . The police in North Yorkshire had a file on him . As someone has rightly pointed out , common knowledge amongst journalists. I saw the slug in action on a train in the mid eighties.

  10. A senior cllr also an aide to [EDITED] with an interest in aviation. Kicked out of S.Africa for issues with an under age boy

  11. I remember years go mid 80s i had family in London who said there had been news reports about [EDITED] but nothing on national news about some sort of sex crime we live in scotland and nothing on our news about it
    . Kept very hush hush always thought it was strange as was in govt at the time!!!

  12. i posted a comment with links to a story re: Ted Heath and paedophile MPs a while back.
    PS wouldn’t post it!
    Lacking the guts or balls to break that story?

  13. It is not Morrison, as the person about to be outed by Newsnight was prepared to issue a libel case – being dead, Morrison may have found that hard. I seriously think that if the BBC are being asked to make known their own private closet-ghosts (living and dead), then we as citizens ought to demand of our public servants in parliament their’s too. Paedophilia is both illegal and (to me) morally repugnant. It transcends my own personal party political bias; if their are paedophiles in any government they are bringing the whole democratic and legal process into disrepute. If Dennis McShane et al have had to resign over fiddling cash, then surely the kiddy-fiddlers need to be outed too?

  14. Ian Montgomery,

    Are you stupid or something? So Edwina Currie wrote that in her book published in 1995 to ‘deflect’ from a current scandal.

    That’s foresight. Strange she didn’t go farther in politics.

    Harriet Hume,

    That is utter rubbish. It is Telegraph blog fantasy land. Harriet Harman no more supports paedophiles than you do.

  15. ‘ It repeatedly defended, sheltered and exonerated groups such as the Paedophile Information Exchange.’

    The worst sort of public lying imaginable. Utterly disgraceful comment.

  16. Shame them all lets make history, by looking after the children past, present and future. There is no going back now Cameron it has all got to come out. It will create lots of jobs, because you are going to need to start building more prisons, fast.

  17. The great thing about being thrown on the scrapheap by the Tories “sans pot-to-piss in” is that if [EDITED] wants to sue me for noting that his name is in the frame as being the serial sodomiser of young boys in Welsh care homes, all he can get is £10 a week from me benefits…Life is beautiful!

  18. I worked at Mirror Group in the late 80s. One morning a rumour flew up Fleet St the [EDITED] name had come up on a Dutch police raid of the offices of the PIE. By 2pm there was a D-notice fast following the rumours. Then a couple of days later and he moves to Europe. Funny old world.

  19. I’m no mother shipton, but I remember something from the 80’s and [EDITED] and a boy in a a disturbance outside [EDITED] flat. I then read the boy was paid off and [EDITED] Bnished out of Brittish government to [EDITED], alledgedly told by William Haig it was happening, when they met in the early hours on Brighton Beach.
    If this is true, shame on the people who stood by and didn’t prosecute.
    If William Haigh did know anything, I would want to know what he knew, when he knew it and what he did about it. Also , Especially if Thatcher knew about it too.

  20. This all ties up with Thomas Hamilton and the scandal of the inquest etc papers being locked up for 100 years
    Big paedophile ring going right to the top
    Who will be brave enough to bring it all out?
    It’s all there in the records

  21. The next cover up has begun. Destroy Schofeild, press campaign to convince people they are wrongly confusing gay sex with child abuse and claiming the victims are not credible witnesses. Also throwing in the reduction of age in the gay sex consent laws.


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