Scrapbook’s coverage of Charles Moore’s piece on Jimmy Savile has upset the Spectator’s political editor James Forsyth, who accuses us of taking his friend out of context:

While Moore — Margaret Thatcher’s biographer — does criticise the establishment for sucking up to Savile, our use of excerpts doing the rounds yesterday does not seem unfair given his insistence that the creepy DJ should be given “the benefit of the doubt”:

“Isn’t there a single, solitary person who will maintain that Savile devoted himself to charity work for good reasons as well as bad? … Sir Jimmy should keep his knighthood.”

It seems that Forsyth should invite some colleagues to join his circular firing squad. While the Speccie didn’t bother to tweet the full piece until 2pm today, they appear to have been merrily PR-ing the most salacious quotes to other media outlets, resulting in out-of-context coverage in the Evening Standard (“Someone’s standing up for the Savile Sir”) and the Guardian (“Finally, here comes the cavalry [to rescue Savile]”).

For those in any doubt that Forsyth is legless on this one, even is own editor has been at it:

The Speccie can’t have their link bait cake and eat it too.

  1. What else would you expect from an establishment rag, establishment people and those probably attached to elite freemasonry paedophile rings.

  2. I’d be careful accusing the Tories over this – Blair & the Operation Ore cover-up look increasingly worrying for Labour.

    As for the Charles Moore quotes, you have quoted out of context and you know it.

  3. Savile frequently visited Mrs Thatcher at Chequers at Christmas and New Year (according to the Telegraph). Now Savile is being defended by her official biographer….

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