Nadine Dorries has this morning been leading a Westminster Hall debate on abortion limits. The Mid-Bedfordshire Tory has form on this controversial topic, so it should surprise few to hear what she had to say to women who talk about the right to choose and bodily autonomy:

“What about female babies?”

Some confusion amongst MPs over the difference between “evidence” and “anecdotes”.

  1. Just makes me feel that abortion should have been available to a lot more women in Liverpool in the late autumn of 1956.

  2. Sara’s comment is truly obnoxious and despicable. Shows what sort of people agree with these views.

  3. The Abortion Act 1967 says nothing whatsoever about a “woman’s right to choose” nor anything about “bodily autonomy”.

    The Act merely allows an abortion if, two doctors “acting in good faith” certify that one or other of the strict medical reasons for an abortion have been met.

    An abortion carried out “other than in accordance with the above” remains a serious criminal offence – the CPS has recently secured a conviction against an individual for exactly this offence.

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