Tom Watson has used parliamentary privilege to refer to a paedophile ring linked to a previous British prime minister:

“The evidence file used to convict paedophile Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring. One of its members boasts of its links to a senior aide of a former Prime minister who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad.”

“The leads were not followed up but if the file still exists, I want to ensure that the Metropolitan Police secure the evidence, re-examine it, and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and Number 10.”

Just when you thought nothing could blow the BBC off the front pages …

  1. Grand standing? With Cameron et al. blaming the BBC for everything paedophile, you know the BBC giving Jimmy a knighthood, the BBC giving Jimmy keys to Broadmoor, the BBC giving him access to emotionally damaged girls in a home or the BBC giving JS access to brain damaged patients in hospital, perhaps they might want to look at themselves. Hypocrites.

  2. Time to dig out the files for ‘Operation Ore’, and drop ALL the ‘D’ notices that were issued to the mainstream media regarding it’s findings. David Icke has a sell-out ‘gig’ at Wembley this saturday. It is also being streamed live on the internet (£15). I suggest people who really want to know the truth should put aside their misconstrued ideas of Icke, and watch him in action.

  3. Just because there are a billion conspiracy theories out there, doesn’t mean they’re all wrong. David Icke may well be right on the money.

  4. When we are being asked to take David Icke seriously – the man who thinks we are run by a bunch of undercover lizards – the world really has gone mad

  5. @MM – absolutely agree – he’s mad as a box of frogs. However, oh gosh – i’m gonna hate myself for saying this – he may have stumbled on a kernal of substantive intelligence. There’s 1 incredibly high profile name with significant links to the 2 parties in the coalition who, due to his clearance and authority has never once been mentioned. Gets popcorn – and £15 for David Icke? Really? Are there dancing girls and a slap up meal?

  6. As far as I have been hearing it looks like David Icke has got something bang on here and a previous tory Prime Minister is heavily linked with a paedophile ring.

    Jesus what a can of worms this is going to be!!

  7. Re David Icke – come on, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and all that. Doesn’t mean the conspiracy-theory fruitcake has any credibility.

  8. David Icke isn’t right but Karl Marx was. The ruling class – with Savile, Leveson, Hillsbrough and all other inquiries – is defending itself and its own: this is neither new nor surprising.

  9. I think David Icke was off his truck when he thought he was God and has been making up for it ever since with all this reptilian bollox he keeps going on about, but he has picked up on a few things which have turned out to be true, and this paedophile ring inside parliament is looking very likely indeed since the Jimmy Savile revelations. Now the finger is pointing straight at former Conservative Prime Minister ‘Ted Heath’ a friend of Savile and regular visitor to the island of Jersey on his boat the ‘morning cloud’, add to this the amount of complaints of sex abuse on the island over the years, the allegations of abuse of children at the ‘haut de goran’ children’s home etc and we are seeing the lid being wrenched open on a Pandora’s box on an epic scale the likes of which has never been seen before!!

  10. Going back a good lot of years there were a lot of rumours of a prominent Tory M.P. from a very wealthy Tory family, who had a number of their family in Parliament going back generations, and this particular M.P. was rumoured to be involved with young, under age boys for years,and very little investigation of these rumours. But nothing was done about it, it wouldn’t have been an Establishment coverup; would it? Lets have a full scale enquiry and get to the truth on this, even if most of them are dead, theyr’e prepared to dig everything up about Savile and rightly so, and lets hope they are going to get some of those who may have been involved in any of this filth, alleged or true, who are still alive.

  11. It doesnt matter wether it might have been [EDITED](although I doubt there is anything on these matters in his locker, Fleet St’s finest have gone through all his life for donkeys years, and,imho, if there was anything to be found we would have known about it by now,particularly before an election) or [EDITED] whoever they are lets have the full force of the law to find out wether rumours are allegations, facts or smears.

  12. Lord Boothby was a prominent Tory MP in the “swinging” sixties a good pal of the Krays and various other dodgy geezers . He also liked young boys and it is well documented , including all the cover ups and links between him and tom driberg (mp) and Kray etc. The notorious and (on the record) parties that weer held where Ronnie K would supply the entertainment in the form of young boys , not many of them there willingly ! and across a wide age range. Doesnt take much of a leap of logic to connect these characters with Saville and other leading lights at the BBC

  13. PurbeckPashmina says:

    Chris Walker is dead on the money with:
    “Grand standing? With Cameron et al. blaming the BBC for everything paedophile, you know the BBC giving Jimmy a knighthood, the BBC giving Jimmy keys to Broadmoor, the BBC giving him access to emotionally damaged girls in a home or the BBC giving JS access to brain damaged patients in hospital, perhaps they might want to look at themselves. Hypocrites.”

    He might have mentioned the foreign owned (lets not pretend that the Barclays on Brecqhou or Rothermere “french for tax purposes” are British so far as their interests are concerned) media are also Very inclined to BBC bash and would hope top benefit from its privatisation … Likewise most of the tory BBC’s media “commentators”

    If you want to destroy an institution to have your relevant secretary write to its Chairman to point out that hardly anyone is bright enough to see through your friends’ undermining of it might be a little OTT but Cameron only does things in spades ….

    I’m not sure about Heath mind. My former brother in law used to call by Jersey on his yacht, often accompanied by my ex wife and kids. Heath had a housekeeper and I understood that she was his mistress. No one online likes him, and really Sir Peter Tapsell and Geo Osborne’s father in law are his last politically active lieutenants, so best ask them.

    Savile’s OBE under Heath presumably just a routine one, may have been initiated while Wislon was in power, for charitable works and services to pop music and exports.

    Nothing but respect for Tom Watson, let’s hope Cameron opens up the documents he refers to and something comes of it, apart from public awareness that Thatcher, Currie & Savile’s bessie tory Cllr mate at the very least ALL put some most vulnerable children in the care of this loathesome man.

  14. I do believe an orgainised paedophile ring among the elite has existed for years in this country, the same names crop up time and time again as well as Jimmy Savile. Also i wonder why the Haut la Garenne home on Jersey investigation was shut down so swiftly by the powers that be? Maybe something was unearthed that would blow the lid of the establishment. Evil child sex abuser Jeff le Marquand was well known in Jersey and assisted famous celebrities and prominent authority figures with boys and girls taken from Haut le Garenne, he was given a short sentence by the Jersey courts as he would have squealed like a stuck pig. These people are not only child abusers but child killers as well.

  15. Throw the North Wales care home abuse case into the equation too. Legend has it there’s links to the upper echelons of society from there too.

  16. Most of this gossip is about dead men. There are still an awful lot of them still amongst us. The Dunblane cover-up is being used to prevent justice and probably to make sure of the obedience of those involved. This is where the search for the guilty should start, while there is still a chance of getting them into Court. Everyone is implicated in that one, [EDITED] et al. With the likes of [EDITED] being dug up to muddy the waters, we will get nowhere. You might as well go all the way back to the real “Beast” cross dressing, whiskey swilling, pervert, Winston Churchill. enochered’s blog.

  17. I was in the ‘Met’ in the 70s/80s/90s and was told by a friend there was a file for ‘Paedophilia’ on a high ranking ‘Cabinet Minister’ in ‘Thatchers’ government. If the man is outed as the person whom I think it is the ‘Plebs’ will be outraged at the high position he attained–and is still active in the EU. There must have been the checks on him before he attained his status ansdlooking back perhaps that was the reason he fell out of favour. I’m watching with interest.

  18. steven calrow says:

    it’s funny these people never married’ a brief but telling pointer to their private lives, Am I naive but it seems to be the aristocracy that goes in for this depraved behaviour, looking at some of the ‘names’ I am truly shocked but I always wondered why has Dunblame had a 120yr D notice on it, I mean what’s that all about? We REALLY should be told…

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