A key ally of Nick Clegg’s former PPS — health minister Norman Lamb — has resigned from the Lib Dems, issuing a scathing attack on their MPs in national coalition with the Tories.

Norfolk county councillor Graham Jones said that he was “totally disillusioned” with Nick Clegg’s Faustian pact:

“There are too many millionaires in a closed shop. They don’t know what real life is all about.”

There are evidently some things a “sorry video” can’t fix. Even an auto-tuned one.

Does anyone else think that Lamb looks like Julian Assange crossed with an accountant?

  1. christine redmond says:

    well done , Norman Lamb….someone with sense ! this attack on the most vunerable in society is barbarrick, 70 people dying because of these cuts per week ! if this was a flu epidemic ect , it would be all over the media, this has to stop and we need more like norman standing up for the people, this gvt should be removed A.S.A.P. THERE MURDERERS !

  2. Cllr Jones resigned from the LibDems less than a week after Nick Clegg visited North Norfolk to visit Norman Lamb and his troops…

  3. Why has it taken two years for him to realise this? We all know what the Tory and Fib Dem cabinet is made up of. A whip who confirmed it, that they look down on ordinary folk and a Chancellor who can not tell the type of railway carriage he is in, then refuses to move and sit among ordianry folk. A Prime Minister who dare not sack anyone in case it puts the spotlight on him. Nothing will change until some of the ‘plebs’ stop voting Tory.’

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