Today’s PMQs saw Ed Miliband reprise the attack used by Tony Blair on John Major during the dying days of Major’s leadership. In 1997, Tony Blair slammed John Major on his failure to unite the party over Europe and project a consistent message to the public.

“Isn’t it extraordinary that the prime minister of our country can’t even urge his party to support his own position? Weak, weak, weak!”

Today, some 15 years later, the Tories still haven’t solved the problem, with Cameron now struggling to rein in his party over Europe. Miliband jumped at the chance to reminisce:

“Last year, he flouted out the negotiations with a veto… he can’t convince European leaders, he can’t even convince his own backbenchers – he’s weak aboard, he’s weak at home, it’s John Major all over again.”

One crucial difference between the Tory pair: Major actually won an election.

  1. ‘Boy David’ is dishonest.
    Remember the promise of a referendum after the Lisbon treaty.
    Governs by clique and claque. No policies hence no maintenance of aim.
    Simply I want an IN/OUT for Europe. Nothing less – nothing more.
    Weak, weak and weak over Mitchell and ”sweetie pie Hunt’. Should have sacked them at once.

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