The Tories’ latest attempt at online campaigning struggles on weakly — despite being discredited by Scrapbook for buying Facebook followers from India and links to a controversial Ukrainian oligarch. The new petition launched by Right Angle, a cack-handed attempt to emulate the huge success of 38 Degrees, has garnered just 13 signatures in five days.

The group attempting to leverage the site are Conservative Voice, the right-wing Tory faction launched by Liam Fox and David Davis last month. Suffice it to say that the call for more apprenticeships fronted by Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price doesn’t seem to have caught on.

It’s hard to say why it hasn’t quite steamed its way to its target of 10,000 (yes, ten thousand) that it is aiming for.Could it be the amateur-hour video featuring backbencher Ms Doyle-Price stood on a windy industrial estate? Or perhaps the startlingly vague terms the petition is couched in, calling on the government to “boost skills funding even further and, errr, “slash the red tape”.

No wonder Right Angle is a joke even amongst online Tory colleagues.

  1. I understand there is some guy called GREEN who advises on driving internet traffic to poorly visited sites perhaps they should look him up or ask Grant Shapps if he knows how to do it

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