• Children’s radio presenter referenced by John Simpson
  • ‘Uncle Dick’ thought to be pseudonym for ‘Uncle Mac’
  • Office of Director General accused of cover-up

With today’s Sun front page following up our coverage of BBC child abuse allegations made by world editor John Simpson, Scrapbook can now reveal the name of the individual to which Simpson was thought to be referring in a 2009 book — Children’s Hour presenter Derek McCulloch.

Ringing a former children’s radio presenter ‘Auntie Gladys’ for comment on the death of a colleague, ‘Gladys’ makes allegations of child abuse against ‘Uncle Dick’:

“Week after week, children from all over the country would win competitions to visit the BBC and meet Uncle Dick. He would welcome them, show them round, give them lunch, and then take them to the Gents and interfere with them.”

‘Auntie Gladys’ and ‘Uncle Dick’ are thought to be pseudonyms for Kathleen Garrsgadden and Derek McCulloch, who were known as ‘Auntie Kathleen’ and ‘Uncle Mac’ to millions of Children’s Hour listeners. McCulloch’s death in June 1967 also coincides with the relevant tenure in a London newsroom described by John Simpson in his book Strange Places, Questionable People.

“If their parents complained afterwards, she said the Director-General’s office would write and say the nation wouldn’t understand such an accusation against a much loved figure.”

While the apparent McCulloch allegations significantly predate those against Jimmy Savile, the former star is still venerated by the BBC. The corporation list a broadcast by the presenter amongst their “greatest moments” and a radio documentary celebrating his achievements was produced in the last few years.

After enquiries from Scrapbook last week, the BBC are searching archives for references to abuse allegations.

  1. They all know about abuse,they are all members of a secret society thats why no one gets to know about any of it.

  2. christine redmond says:

    they all knew about jimmys the peadophile, all them at the top covered up for him, its them at the top we need to get now, they have been getting away with it for years , esther rantzon should be removed imediatly from working with children, she has been contacted by email,letters all which she has never even replied, WHY ! BECAUSE ABUSERS WERE FORM THE HIGHER RANKS OF SOCEITY….JOE BLOGGS OFF THE STREET WOULD OF BEEN HANDCUFFED ASAP. THESE HIGHER RANKS OF SOCEITY WILL BE PANICING NOW, THE PUBLIC ARE NOT LETTING THIS GO, ANOTHER HILLSBOROUGH ! WE WILL GET YOU ALL INTHE END. JUSTICE FOR HOLLIE GREIG.

  3. There may be lots of predators out there in the world who have been exposed recently in the media. But there are also people who will quite happily spread lies and jump on the proverbial bandwagon in a bid to seek ‘fame, fortune and glory’. I recently went to the David Icke site to check out his latest scandal and came across the Hollie Greig story. And was totally convinced it’s a hoax by the testimony of these women on youtube, who were allegedly complicit in this . If things often sound too fantastically crazy to be true, they often are. And I think you’ll find in this instance that the allegations made were false and the work of some truly evil individuals who seek power and influence by massively defaming innocent people. When reading news and hearing gossip and rumour, it’s crucial for the sake of justice and fairness that allegations are based on fact and truth. In this instance, I think there has been a most evil conspiracy. And that needs to pointed out and underlined very clearly. Check this video out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgLiF07zGmY

  4. Who gives a (*^$£ what you think. Fiction and lies can never be fact. And if you refuse to critically evaluate a case because it doesn’t sit well with your own prejudices, and won’t listen to the testimony of people involved in the case, then you deserve to know the horrors of being defamed in a similar fashion………

  5. My friend told me about Jimmy Saville over 30 years ago. Her father had unfortunately had a road traffic accident and had broken his neck, he was taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital. On several occasions whilst visiting her father there was word that Jimmy Saville was going to visit. All of a sudden all the nurses disappeared, apparently they were hiding. When she asked why she was told he was a vile, dirty old man who had wandering hands and they were all disgusted by him. They had complained but were told he made a lot of money for the hospital so it was all kept quiet, but at what real cost? Truth Seeker – you have no idea what you are talking about.

  6. Jimmy the paedo doned it. Derek McCulloch died in 1967. Car tyres. Both ugly mofo’s. Esther Rantzen dropping pebbles in her knicks. Smorgasborg booyakasha. Password = Lenfairclough

    Regards, th3j35t3r – Poonsuck Taint

  7. Savile was a creep , bizarre dress sense , went around in a van and was looked filthy.
    In the 70s and 80s many people thought he was a weirdo and had no talent at all.

    So as the saying goes if it quacks like a duck then it’s a duck.

    So lets look t the rest of the media weirdos – John mcerick please take note.

  8. Desperately disappointed to find the identity of the person alluded to by John Simpson, is non other than the guy, so many of us older ones, as kids, looked forward to listening to on Saturday morning’s Childrens Favourites.
    Finding childhood memories to now be based on an illusion, is like having them abused and violated, themselves.
    Find myself agreeing with ‘The end’ with regards to other people of eccentric lifestyle. for closer examination. Not even discounting the forever youthful Peter Pan of Pop.

  9. In the case of Savile there’s a mass of corroborating evidence, and although there may be some people making up stories to get in on the act, there are so many consistent accusations that there can’t be any doubt that most of them are true.

    In the case of McCulloch, we don’t have corroborating evidence yet afaik. We need to know whether McCulloch and Garsgadden are the people being referred to, whether Simpson is a reliable witness and if he is, whether Garrsgadden is a reliable witness, and if she is, whether Simpson correctly understood who it was she was talking about. So there’s a huge question-mark over McCulloch now but we don’t actually know yet that he was a villain, only that he might have been.

  10. @ Simon only if you sell it to Gary glitter.. or the old curly haired Newcastle player and England manager…. ;-p so I hear.

  11. I think it is utterly immoral and disgusting for any person or publication to name someone of such a serious crime when there is not once single piece of evidence to say it has ever been committed. A comment made by one single embittered person almost 50 years ago does not make the alleged guilty of any crime until proven otherwise. Unlike the case of Savile and others, not one alleged victim has come forward to make any such claim, yet people immediately jump onto this witch hunt so easily swayed by sensationalised and fabricated accusations. I pity anyone with such ignorant narrow mindedness to believe such claims published in The Sun and Mail. These papers are renowned for scourging through bins and gutters in any desperate attempt to frame innocent people and destroying lives along the way without any truth or facts to back it up.

  12. John Thompson says:

    Saville Row suit is very cool Paedo Row suit, not so cool. The head of the paedo ring in oldham has been named as Jamai`l Fixit

  13. “Nothing but the best is good enough for children…our wish is to stimulate their imaginations, direct their reading, encourage their various interests, widen their outlook and inculcate the Christian virtues of love of God and their neighbours.”
    — Derek McCulloch, BBC Quarterly 1948.

  14. Whilst the evidence is building against Jimmy Saville he won’t have acted in isolation. In fact with his “status” at the time he would have attracted fellow abusers. Jonathan King and Gary Glitter have already been caught and punished, but there will be other well known faces, still alive and active, who should be investigated, tried and convicted. If a child is abused by someone held in high regard by adults its understandable why they keep quiet at the time, they think no one will believe them. But for those in authority, whether at the BBC or any hospital Saville was involved with, to keep their suspicions to themselves is tantamount to pimping. They knowingly let their staff, patients and children be put in danger for the sake of ratings or cash. Unforgivable.

  15. Face the truth says:

    I was told a few years ago by someone who proclaimed to have been used in the 50’s and 60’s as a sex toy by the higher echelons of society, including royalty, politicians and celebrities.. some of whose names have since come to light. At the time I branded said person a “nutter” and suggested that he had an incredibly fertile imagination. There is/was a secret cabal who used children for ritualised rape, buggery and even murder… this included babies, orphaned children and the like. In recent years as more and more comes to light, the more I realise that this person was telling the truth. Just because something sounds ludicrous initially, to this one sceptic, doesn’t mean its not true.. in fact it could be the opposite.. More investigation of claims is needed and corroboration of evidence.. No one should be allowed to get away with this blatant and disgusting crime…

  16. YOU DUMB PLEBS says:

    All of you remind me of the the low IQ council estate vigilante neanderthals who throw things at police vans outside court and then get arrested yourselves for something worse a few years later.

    What a nasty mediaeval country this nation is currently showing itself to be. If you look at the UK from outside it looks truly deranged and on the brink of total cultural and moral collapse.

    Go ahead and hang Saville’s dead corpse. You’ll still be in debt up to your eyeballs moving closer and closer to taking over from China as the World’s no. 1 source of educationally non-functional coolie labour.

  17. As horrible as these stories are, the real dirt is gonna be on Thatcher and Heath. The next Tory party conference will have to be held in the nonce wing of some prison.

  18. Some of the comments would have improved if the authors have read this: http://cdn.lrb.co.uk/v34/n21/andrew-ohagan/light-entertainment

    Here’s a little excerpt…
    ” Though (Lionel) Gamlin’s activities were under wraps until now, there have long been rumours about McCulloch. He was given the OBE in 1964 and died in 1967, the same year as Gamlin. Of the three men named to me as I talked to people about the BBC in those days, Uncle Mac is the one who stirs the strongest emotions. In his book Strange Places, Questionable People, published in 1998, John Simpson, the BBC’s world affairs editor, writes about his early days there. In 1967, he was given the task of preparing the obituary of a famous children’s presenter. He calls him ‘Uncle Dick’. In 1998, and still today, Simpson felt he shouldn’t name McCulloch directly: but it is now clear that Uncle Dick is Uncle Mac. In preparing the obituary, Simpson rang ‘Auntie Gladys’, who had worked with him, to get a few quotes. ‘Week after week,’ Auntie Gladys told him, ‘children from all over the country would win competitions to visit the BBC and meet Uncle Dick. He would welcome them, show them round, give them lunch, then take them to the gents and interfere with them. If their parents complained, she said, the director-general’s office would write and say the nation wouldn’t understand such an accusation against a much loved figure.’ Auntie Gladys was Kathleen Garscadden, who worked for Children’s Hour for a number of years and died in 1991. Again, many of the people who worked for her, the actors and singers, are not alive, but some were available to be spoken to. Protégés of hers such as Stanley Baxter never heard her accuse McCulloch. One of her ‘young artists’ said: ‘She would have been at pains to shelter us from any hint of such a thing.’ When Simpson reported her remarks to his boss, the man rounded on him and told him he was an ‘ignorant, destructive young idiot’. The boss then rewrote Simpson’s copy; McCulloch, the obituary now said, ‘had a wonderful way with children’. The Corporation turned a blind eye to what was being said about McCulloch just as it later would with Savile and some of the others. Yet people knew. The Times obituary of McCulloch was written by the poet Geoffrey Dearmer. ‘Children of all ages were always comfortable in his unseen company,’ Dearmer wrote. ‘There was something of Larry the Lamb in him, and Larry could get away with murder.’ “

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