• Backbenchers complain to influential 1922 Committee
  • Local Tories complain it’s hit them on the doorstep
  • Rumours sweep conference that top brass want him out

The row over Andrew Mitchell’s abuse of Downing Street police refuses to fade, with news that backbench MPs have written to the 1922 Committee to complain. The involvement of the influential group of MPs underscores suggestions that the chief whip is now unable to perform his duties — enforcing party discipline.

Mitchell was even ordered to stay away from Tory conference this week despite being the only MP to hold a seat in the city. One Tory MP even complained that the plebs are now using the word “pleb”:

“This business is doing us lasting harm. The word ‘pleb’ seems to have passed into common parlance.”

The Sun reports that “jokers” (aka The Sun political team) have distributed fake conference passes emblazoned with Mitchell’s photo and the words “Let me through you f****** pleb”.

Two weeks after the event, Mitchell’s outburst is still news — but can Cameron sack him now after publicly backing him over the police?

  1. Boy Dave, displayed the backbone of a filleted jellyfish by not sacking him immediately.
    Par for the course in view of the fact he did not sack the ‘twee’ Jeremy Hunt who dropped his personal adviser in the proverbial. I wrote to my MP who does not dare say anything against Boy Dave and I received a very feeble reply.
    Two years ago I was in correspondence with Mitchell, an unpleasant experience, whereby he attempted to bully me into apologising to him since he claimed that I had traduced him.
    He failed miserably and I read him his fortune. He appears simply to be part of the top table *claque hoping to climb up the greasy political ladder.

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