On the day the Hillsborough Panel Report absolves Liverpool fans of all blame for the disaster — 23 years, 4 months and 24 days since The Sun attempted to do precisely that — the newspaper’s top story is currently:

“Brian McFadden tells ex-wife Kerry Katona to ‘shut up and move on'”

The report is nowhere to be seen on the news or sport pages either.

The Sun have now updated their front page to feature Hillsborough as the main story. But Scrapbook‘s screen grab above was taken at around 1:50pm, an hour and twenty minutes after the PM’s statement in the House of Commons.

  1. ‎’801′ : how many words into that 1600 word article on the Hillsborough disaster before the Sun concedes the word ‘apology’

  2. The sun is a disgrace and always has been. It should be ashamed of itself. It is a disgrace that it does not cover the new Hillsborough Report but then it is shamed in that report. The editor may apologise but it is too late. It is partly because of the Sun that the myths and lies after the disaster were carried on and they got the lies from the author of those lies; the police. To be honest, most Liverpool supporters will not care if the Sun covers the report or not as we have the original and we know the truth. In addition to this the Sun is banned amongst us and we have boycotted it ever since their first lies were published in 1989. Anyone who buys the Sun should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. The question must be asked: why did you come here if you couldn’t care less about The Sun? I’m surprised it got this much prominence given Trevor Hicks demanded, not asked, that Sun staff leave the support group’s press conference. Maybe the Sun’s current staff is more grown-up than Hicks.

  4. Trevor Hicks was quite right to tell the Sun where to go. The paper is as bad as it ever was. I for one would like to kick Kelvin McKenzie in the family jewels, more than once

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