Having finally admitted that the government “screwed up” its health reforms (despite supporting the bill) it appears that newly promoted health minister Anna Soubry has form for getting things wrong. In a clip apparently doing the rounds of Tory MPs, the former TV presenter was introduced by lecherous Bob Monkhouse on a 1993 episode of Celebrity Squares with the quip “We all know you from This Morning, I wish I knew you from last night”.

The now Broxtowe MP was then asked:

“How long does it take an experienced eskimo to build an igloo – two hours or four?”

As with her vote for Andrew Lansley’s controversial reforms last September, Soubry gave the wrong answer. In contrast with, the Health and Social Care Bill, however, a member of the public was able to overrule her.

Cameron will hope she performs better at the dispatch box than in a 3×3 grid of non-entities.

  1. Fascinating, a TV appearance 20 years ago in which an MP answers incorrectly a question which most of us would also be guessing at. I’m sure this website, once upon a time, had actual, relevant stories.

  2. But it’s ALWAYS the contestants’ responsibility to figure out whether the celebrities know what the hell they’re talking about, or merely bluffing, innit?

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