Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps wrote and sold a guide to dubious online marketing techniques entitled “Stinking Rich”, it has emerged. Posing under the mysterious pseudonym “Michael Green”, Shapps even boasted of his “two aircraft” in order to impress potential customers.

In a post on Internet Marketing News in 2006, Shapps/Green claims:

“In ‘Stinking Rich 3′ I go WAY BEYOND the regular marketing hype to reveal YOUR secret path to online success”

“In ‘Stinking Rich 3’ I quite literally show you how to create your own profit-generating ‘Game Plan’ right from scratch!”

“But if (like me) you’re the skeptical type then you’ll want to see some slam-dunk proof and evidence that my approach actually works. Click over to and check out BOTH of my aircrafts!”

While the photos have now been deleted along with the domain, Shapps is known to own a £100,000 six-seater Piper Saratoga plane, which he was slammed for using to attend a recording of Radio 4’s Any Questions in 2006.

The drip-drip of revelations regarding the company How To Corp, which was started by Shapps and then transferred to his wife when he was a shadow minister in 2008, are threatening to undermine his new role as Tory chairman. A photo of Shapps wearing a Michael Green name badge at an internet marketers convention (above) was published on the front page of the Guardian yesterday.

Shapps is a leading contender to be the biggest spiv in Westminster.

  1. It is incredible that after Andy Coulson, Dopey Dave doesn’t get people checked out. He must be the most gullible guy ever to become Prime Minister. He even believed that Andrew Mitchell didn’t swear at the police or call them Plebs and Morons. He also believes that George Osborne knows what he is doing.

  2. What are you saying he has done wrong? He wrote a guide to getting rich…so what? Lots of people want to get rich and that’s not a bad thing is it?

    If the guide was promoting unethical business practices then criticism is justified. But you are not saying that, it appears you are criticising him for being wealthy and promoting a product under a pseudonym – which isn’t the worst crime in the world.

    It would be helpful if you clarified exactly what it is you are saying he has done wrong so we can then make a judgement.

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