While Orange Book-er David Laws is highly rated by David Cameron and George Osborne, it seems not all Tories are pleased to see him return to government. Writing on his website, South Dorset MP Richard Drax moans:

“He intentionally broke the rules on expenses and rightly resigned only a few days into the Coalition Government. He should have stood down as an MP, too.”

Indeed, parliament watchdogs ordered Laws to repay more than £56,000 in second home expenses. Scrapbook is pleased to read Drax’s assurances that his views are “not because [David Laws is] a Lib Dem”. On that basis, we look forward to seeing similar blogs about his Conservative colleagues.

  • The new secretary of state at DEFRA, Owen Paterson, repaid £5,229.15 after “flipping” his second home and receiving higher repayments from the taxpayer.
  • New transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin repaid £4,058.54 after claiming for thousands of pounds of redecorating work at his detached home in Derbyshire.
  • Welsh secretary David Jones gave back £2,624.00 after taxpayers got the bill for items including a trouser press and posh curtains.

Other members of the cabinet forced to cough up during the expenses scandal include, erm, David Cameron (£237.07), Nick Clegg (£910.00) and William Hague (£601.04).

Perhaps Drax is a little annoyed at being looked over for preferment.

  1. Laws is a disgrace. He committed a fraud and hid under a paper thin veil of gayness and the threat of cries of homophobia. Not only should of he resigned as an MP but he should have been prosecuted too.

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