A Westminster Hall debate today on the work capability assessments conducted by ATOS was interrupted by shouts from the public gallery, as a newly-promoted Chris Grayling attempted to justify the tests.

Philip Hollobone, chairing the debate, threatened to clear the public gallery as members of the public repeatedly shouted such slogans as Shame on you!andAtos kills, so do the Tories!

ATOS, as the contractor with responsibility for the work capability assessments, has borne the brunt of criticism over the high numbers of people classified as fit to work, only to win on appeal. Almost 40% of appeals, since the test’s introduction, have been successful.The firm’s sponsorship of the Paralympic games has also come under heavy criticism.

Any hopes that Grayling’s departure for the Ministry of Justice will mean a let up for the disabled are probably misplaced, as his former boss IDS will remain at the DWP.

  1. Kirsten Barger says:

    Glad you have covered this – people who have had ATOS ‘medicals’ know to their cost what this system is about – Tories’ saying that those too ill to work are feckless scroungers, supported by Tory tabloids and saving money. In our lifetime any one of us can have mental health difficulties and/ or be physically ill and or/ become disabled. Some people have paid NI for 20 years before not being able to work, and others contributed to society in numerous other ways. Is our so- called civilised society so mean and poor that we can’t support them when they’re ill?

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