A Tory MP who was promoted in the recent reshuffle to a junior role in the Department for Health has made an extraordinarily frank admission on the government’s controversial changes to the NHS.

Speaking in a Q&A session on the reforms at a health conference, Anna Soubry admitted:

“We screwed up”

The mea culpa comes as something of a surprise, since Soubry was a staunch supporter of the bill during its passage. She even appeared on the BBC’s Daily Politics in February to defend it, countering the Royal College of GPs’ opposition with self-confessed “anecdotal evidence

Perhaps her change of heart is a result of the declaration of an alliance of doctors intending to unseat coalition MPs supportive of the bill — and speculation that Soubry’s tiny majority of 389 makes her especially vulnerable.

Or maybe she just wanted Ed Balls to blow her more kisses across the House of Commons.

  1. Well, I wish she’d said as much in her reply to me when I wrote* to tell her as much, back in March. Four hours it took me to write my letter – and I get a five line reply.

    * she’s my MP

  2. Tamar, at least you got a reply as we all know Ms Soubry has a shambolic relationship with out local posties. I’m surprised it wasn’t ignored with the excuse of “lost in post & never recieved.”

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