With Sarah Teather under fire for for missing a debate on local hospitals, with A&E facilities used by thousands of her constituents facing the chop, a Brent councillor has said that he understands her …

“… diary can be demanding but it is disappointing that Sarah Teather was not at the parliamentary debate on local hospitals; especially when it is such a critical issue to local people.”

Dispensing with the notion — promulgated by under-fire MPs — that summer recess is “not a holiday” but “a time to focus on constituency casework”, the diary on Teather’s website seems far from “demanding”.

Teather appears to have jettisoned her surgeries completely, with the only fixture in her spartan calandar being the rather lonesome sounding “Dinner with Sarah Teather”.

It must be fun being a Lib Dem minister.

  1. Why does she care..she knows she is toast after the next election.Lib Dems are as irrelevant now as they’ve always been.

  2. I suspect the ‘Dinner With Sarah Teather’ is probably a fundraising event which is why it survives.

    What do you expect when your party traded their virtue for a handful of Govt jobs…

    Hope they enjoy the next 20 years in political obscurity.

  3. At least the other Brent MP, Barry Gardiner, is available to his constituents. Oh wait, he never holds surgeries during August….

  4. Maybe all her constituents should go and see Brent North and Labour MP Barry Gardiner instead then. Oh wait, he never does surgeries during August.

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