Perhaps inspired by Aidan Burley, Lib Dem Greg Mulholland took to Twitter last night to promulgate his observations on the Olympic closing ceremony.

Observing Jessie J’s flesh-coloured leotard decorated with sparkly bits, the Leeds MP claimed that the Domino singer’s outfit reminded him of a particular grooming practice beloved of The Only Way Is Essex:

“Why is Jessie J dressed as a vajazzle?”

Another addition to ‘Things You Shouldn’t Tweet As An MP’.

  1. Because MPs are terrified of not appearing to be ‘of the people’, and pointing out who ridiculous Jessie looked is a great way to alienate all her fans. Since I’m not an MP, or a fan, I couldn’t give two tugs of a dead dog’s wang what she looked like…

  2. To paraphrase, Mulholland was basically saying: “Jessie J’s outfit reminds me of a vagina decorated with Swarovski crystals.” Perhaps it’s a reasonable question, but would you tweet that if you were an MP?

  3. “Perhaps it’s a reasonable question, but would you tweet that if you were an MP?”

    If as an MP I was also a normal human being then yes, I probably would.

    Not every tweet has to be checked by the spindoctors for political expediency.

    Does it?

  4. Wow, after the whole Aidan Burley flap, you really scraped the barrel looking for another MP to embarrass. Shame Mulholland was actually funny and accurate – she looked ridiculous…

  5. It’ not a biggy, but suggesting that a very popular entertainer looks like a fanny with sparkly bitsw on it probably isn’t a way to win over voters who might be fans.

    Frankly, I think she was right. Why if you have any talent as a singer, do you need to take most of your clothes off to get any attention?

    I can say it because I don’t have to please anyone.

    It’s not criminal, but then it’s not sensible. No more that Aiden’s tweet about left wing bias in the opening spectacular.

  6. Perhaps a more pertinent question would have been “Why the fuck is Jesse J in the closing ceremony at all, regardless of how ridiculous she looks?” or maybe “What in the actual fuck does Kim Gavin think he is playing at with this shit?”

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