Fresh embarrassment is expected for Mitt Romney today, as his political opponents make capital on his ownership of the horse Rafalcawhich is competing later this morning for Team USA in the Olympic dressage.

For a man suffering from a serious image problem, consistently painted as an out-of-touch millionaire with an unsavoury business history, the headlines do not bode well. Whilst patriotism blooms abundant at the Olympics, the dressage — to horses as ballet is to humans — is not the sport an embattled Republican presidential candidate wants to be associated with.

The team dressage starts at 11am, and Mitt’s wife Ann, who is a keen horse owner will be watching the event in London. Mitt, however, will be campaigning in Colorado, and says he won’t be watching the event.

We will be watching intently as the New Statesman’s Alex Hern liveblogs the event, with an eye on the consequences for Romney’s campaign.

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